Why ZenFone 6 UI is so small?

LipeLipe Level 1
edited December 2020 in ZenFone 6

So i have this huge screen and so tiny small icons.

The google search widget is so slim...

Even when i got the 4x4 screen, they just give more space betwen the icons and keep the icons the same size.

And for what i see in Android 11, the customization dont let you resize icons and other things like that.

Why asus forces this tiny icons?

And why cant i hide the apps names too? Can i have more customization in my phone, Asus? Pls!


  • 100% agree, would use a custom launcher to fix that if it wasn't for the worse compatibility with gestures. Finger crossed Asus launcher adds icons size and more grid size options

  • I am using Smallest width 360 dp instead of 411 dp in Developer options / Drawing to get everything as big on A10 as on my previous phones (I have a poor vision).

    So check this setting on A11.

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