ROG Cetra type-C power consumption is a bit much.

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My ROG Cetra earphones are using way more battery than i expected. I tried leaving them connected to the phone overnight with ANC turned off and it still used up around 10-15% of the battery. Is it possible that the devs could maybe do a few tweaks to the system so that the earphones could use less power when idle? I like keeping it connected to the phone while i sleep because i have loud, obnoxious neighbors that play garbage music early in the morning and having the earphones already connected means i can just plug them in my ear holes and use the noise cancellation feature so i can continue sleeping.


  • I'll forward your feedback to the team. With the risk of sounding stupid though, have you thought about a slightly more analog approach to solving your problem? A couple of earplugs will cost you ~1 dollar and they won't use up any battery at all. 😉

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    Earplugs don't and can't block the sound of bassy drum beats, even concrete walls don't offer much protection. I've found only the ANC in the earphones can and it does a great job. i think the best option is a digital switch so we can turn off the power supply for the earphones while they're still connected but not in use, i doubt it's even possible to override the power consumption for the actual earphones. Either way, I'll accept what the team can offer. Thanks.

  • @Craven Well the earphones will need power to drive the ACN, hence the 'active' part of the name. Turning off the power supply would turn off the ACN.

  • That's the problem. The only way to turn off the power supply is to disconnect the earphones completely. The built-in ANC controller does nothing except disable the ANC and its white light indicator. Despite having ANC turned off, it still uses a significant amount or even the same amount of battery% as if it was still on. That doesn't make any sense. If the ANC is off, power draw should be less, right?

  • I don't mean to belittle your problem, but are we just talking about the extra work of connecting your earphones to the USB-C port when you wake up? I'm guessing that takes you a couple of seconds tops.

    I'll check with the team if they think something is off with the power consumption, but my recommendation is that you simply unplug the headset before going to sleep.

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    I've done that. By the time it's unplugged, I'm less sleepier than 5 seconds ago and the drowsiness just goes away. I like falling asleep to ASMR and waking up when I'm already half asleep just to unplug the earphones kinda defeats the whole purpose. Same goes when i try to plug it back in the moment my neighbors start being noisy in the morning. It's plugged in but then I'm already half awake.

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