TUF Gaming FX505GT Laptop Not Performing Well



  • I was playing gta 5 with 50-60 fps and suddenly the fps drops from 50 to 9 then the nighmare begins my screen was sluttering even the normal screen was sluttering on fx505gt i complaint this to asus and i hope they will give us the solution we want

  • My laptop (TUF505) CPU speed drops to 800mhz when playing games that is after upgrading the Bios to 308. After a lot of installation and resetting of windows the only solution that worked for me is to downgrade the Bios version to 305.

  • Thanks a lot monesseharvin your the man! I almost reinstalled windows. Asus pls fix ASAP thank you

  • Okay this one is really work like a charm. Thank you ver much.

    And also for a bit information. I found out that ASUS System Control Interface V2 is one of the source problem. They have new update V2.2.31.0 20/10/26 but never try it.

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    I opened a ticket with ASUS for this issue, seems like it was closed as if my problem with fixed with no acknowledgement of the issue. Would have been nice to add something like "we are aware of the problem" this is poor customer service, will remember on future purchases. Seems like this update didn't go through proper QA.

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    Solution? Need confirmation.

    1. Go back and enable the ASUS Services in System Configuration.

    2. @Adhitya pointed out about ASUS System Control Interface V2 V2.2.31.0. Download it from MyASUS and run it. Then restart PC.

    3 . After doing step 2, my Armoury Crate needed an update for ASUS Framework Service/ ASUS Core SDK. Update it then restart.

    So far, my FX505GT is working perfectly now. No lag or stutter while playing games. No need to downgrade BIOS or disable those ASUS Services. Everything seems to be back to normal. Will keep updated if anything changes. Try doing those steps.

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    SAMEE, I had an exam today and the laptop was lagging as hell, I can't even run Wallpaper Engine, also, the laptop is suddenly quiet, every time I putted Turbo or Perfomance, it was louder but now, nothing - its dead and laggy LMAO -

    EDIT- I also have to do FN+UP every time I restart the pc for the lights

    EDIT- dathuynh555  it works,

  • Having exactly the same issues as everyone else. I was accusing my partner (who sometimes uses it whilst I am at work of tampering and now I feel bad Haha.

    -laptop running like its 1999. Constant lag on every screen.

    -sims 4 previously ran at 120fps, now running at about 15

    -fans not working like they did before, laptop used to be very noisy but now it is suspiciously quiet.

    -armory crate wont load properly

    -keyboard no longer backlit.

    Was so impressed with this laptop and now it is driving me nuts! ASUS PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS

  • This is what comes up if I try to load armory crate

  • I'm also in the same boat here! I was playing Spelunky 2 when the frames suddenly dropped, now my computer is stuttering the whole time. Freezes when I'm writing in Discord, for example, it's like the system freezes and then all the inputs are entered at once.

    Oddly, I am on BIOS 307, not sure why it didn't update when 308 was released, but I'm still having issues here. Installed some windows updates thinking they might help but still the same issue, I filled out a support ticket so I guess we'll just have to wait and hear from them when they fix it. Pretty annoying all the same!

  • So as suggested by the FAQs that my armory crate problem led me to, I reinstalled armory crate and it seems to have resolved all issues!

    Hopefully its permenant but I urge everyone else to try this and see if it works. Took me a while to find the re download and I had to use Iobit installer on armory crate before it would work

  • Okay thanks for the information. I will also try it later and see what will happen with my system.

    It usually take me about 20 or 30 minutes to play game before the inevitable stuttering happened.

    Will keep updated.

  • Dear all,

    For FX505G series having performance issue after updating to new BIOS, we are working on the solution.

    We currently suggesting downgrade to previous BIOS version.

    Other solutions are welcome to share here and I will keep record and report them.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused. I will keep you all updated if there is anything new.

    And if there is other model, or other issue in this thread, please kindly open another one.

    Thank you.

  • It worked for some hours but guess what, I went to eat and I turned the pc on sleep mode...came back, LAG, STUTTER,EVERYTHING loool, I had the restart :/

  • I got a reply from Asus Support telling me to do a hard reset and that has worked for me!

    Unplug the power cable from the laptop, and hold the power button down for 60 seconds. Then plug it in and start up the computer. That's worked for me. Like I said before though, I'm on BIOS 307, so not sure how it might work for later versions.

  • Hello, I have the same model and same problem.And I have Another problem. in order to get high fps in games, I have to remove the charge and plug it again once when I open my pc.Does anyone have same problem?

  • Even I am facing the same problem :(((((( I tried reseting the laptop cleaning the fans but the problems are still the same low fps inside and outside the game

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    After upgrading the bios desktop window manager (DWM.EXE) consumes 80-90% of gpu usage which causes the stutter and lag in all the activities , the solution I found is downgrading the graphics driver from 457.09 to 451.67 fixes this problem . I tried this multiple times whenever I upgraded the drivers from GEFORCE experience laptop started to stutter and lag and when downgraded to older version of the driver it fixed it

  • Facing the exact same issue. Can't play any games on it now. Bought the laptop just about a month ago. Didn't know I'd be disappointed so soon with Asus. Maybe by writing to them on twitter will grab their attention. On a seperate note I had dual booted Ubuntu 20.04 and it was working fine but today there was some error and now I can't boot into it as it is showing a black screen only. Don't know if it's related to this but just wanted to point that out if anyone else is facing the same issue.

  • Never mind this. Started up a game of Rainbow 6 Siege and the stutters returned in full force

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