TUF Gaming FX505GT Laptop Not Performing Well



  • After further communication with ASUS they replied with this regarding the issues, "As it relates to the issue that you are having, we have unfortunately not received any internal reports of the issue and as such would recommend that the device be sent to us for analysis."

    There are many in reddit forums are experiencing the same issues. If you have not already contact or email ASUS support and explain the problem, please do so. It seems like ASUS is not aware of this widespread issue. Keep reporting the problem!

  • I had the same issue too.

    This solution worked for me. Let's hope we quikly get a real fix from Asus later

  • I GOT THIS PROBLEM TODAY LIKE REALLY TODAY 31 OCT 2020 , when i play Dota 2 i only have like 20-30fps in high setting and 100% iGPU Load ,what a mess issue ,and what should i do?

  • bro how to update BIOS to 308,and how can i check my bios Version?

  • Currently, to my knowledge, there are 2 options so far for fix:

    1. Downgrade your BIOS to 305.
    2. Go to System configuration in windows search. Go to Services. Disable ASUS Services( ASUS Update Service(asus), Link Near, Link Near Extension, Link Remote, Asus Update Service(asusm), Software Manager, System Analysis, and System Diagnosis). Hit Apply then hit Ok and restart your device. Thanks to @[email protected] 

    I don't think anything is wrong with our hardwares. ASUS needs to provide update to fix the issue.


    I've had this performance problem too. This issue has thrown me off my schedule and consequently, ruined my life in the past days.

    I bought this tuf fx505 in July and until last week, it was a delight to use. I use it extensively for work and studies and considering that I upgraded from a 2012 laptop, it was a massive performance jump for me. It's been pretty reliable and performant until last week's update. These are the frustrating changes and the result of that catastrophic update that ASUS recklessly pushed to our devices (damn ASUS, I went from thoroughly impressed to massively disappointed IN JUST 3 MONTHS! I will never buy an ASUS laptop again!).

    ASUS ruined the fans. This is the most obvious changed I noticed. Fans erratically halt during workloads. It sometimes go completely silent during intensive usage, throttling the performance. I also noticed how the fans seems to run longer at max during startup than it was before. These are erratic behavior. However, ASUS didn't stop there for ruining the experience, walking it up from sleep is a definite way to experience having your $$$ machine's performance down to its knees. Resource monitor shows my maximum CPU frequency at only 32%. Thanks to ASUS! They certainly know stability because my max cpu frequency stabilizes around 32% after walking up, rendering my machine unusable. Well-played!

    Once my pc starts throttling after cold reboot, it's fucked up. It throttles to around 32% even without any load. What's more amusing sometimes is that it remains to 100% max cpu fequency until I open an app (even a simple notepad) and then the stuttering begins. Phew!

    I tried myasus for diagnosis. Ran all the diagnosis and it only mentioned a battery problem. Windows troubleshooter didn't help either.

    I didn't know it was the BIOS update or the Asus services that's messing it up because there were other windows update that happened at that time and It updated automatically. Before trying this solution posted by monesseharvin (again, thank you!), I have already done the following that cause me time and ruined my life this week.

    1. At first, I naturally assumed that windows update is the culprit because I've had issues like this before like some drivers suddenly malfunctioning. So I did system restore to revert the changes. It didn't worked because the only restore point I had was when window's about to update and it created a restore point and probably the BIOS was already updated that time.
    2. After doing system restore, the issue persisted. So I tried updating the drivers like the suggestion you'd often see. Installed driver pack. Once it rebooted, the issue is still there. The only change is now I have Opera browser installed (and some updated drivers.)
    3. System restored. Drivers updated. The issue is still there. At this point, I thought maybe I got an infected pc. So I had another solution attempt of installing several anti-virus programs and malware scanners and scanning my pc in hope that certain malware was causing the performance drop. Nothing was found. If there's anything, it gave me more headache because I had problem uninstalling some software.
    4. I'm becoming more frustrated each day because how sluggish and unreliable my working machine has become and that my attempts were in vain. I have a 15-hour work & study schedule and have deadlines to meet so returning my pc for warranty(like my intuitions says now) and/or allotting more time to make windows work properly would ruin my schedule further. So this time I just installed Linux and dual-booted. With Ubuntu, my computer is buttery smooth now! No more throttling problems! At last, my machine felt like how it should be again. However, there's a catch..
    5. I've used linux distros before as daily driver and they are fine but they all require some setting up to suit your particular need like if you're coming from Windows and some apps you use are windows-only. Luckily for my work, all the apps I need have linux versions. However, I have apps I use on my CCNP study that are windows only like bosons. I tried to setting it up on wine but it remained broken somehow. Also, installing Wine led to some dependencies problem. Now I have to deal with linux problem instead, heck. Although the absence of windows os solved my problems, it also meant that I won't have the windows only software to configure things such as keyboard light & battery charge threshold through Asus Apps. In short, I used ubuntu until I completed my work deadlines then went on to making windows work again.
    6. This time, I backed up my files then reset windows. I thought it was okay now but then when I opened Asus ROG and MyAsus, it suddenly stuttered. So I did the reset again but this time a cloud reinstall, without the Asus preinstalled crapwares. Finally, it worked! No more stuttering any sorts...until asus crapwares are reinstalled through windows update.
    7. At this point, I feel like I've finally pinned down the problem! The Asus products themselves! I checked the if there was Asus related updates and yeah, the rest of those led me to this discussion thread. It so unfortunate that I had to go through all of that to know that the cause of my misery was the updates that came from the laptop brand itself - Asus. Asus and its updates had been throttling my performance all along.


    I didn't know at first that Asus updates broke my laptop so I have no idea and had to waste time trying other solutions. As a consolation, all of that arrived at this discussion thread and this workaround solution. And this worked! Thank you monesseharvin. You are a godsend.

    Get your act together Asus!

    Now please excuse me folks from all these venting out cause I have some schedules to repair now.

  • If you haven't emailed or called ASUS Support to notify the problem, please do so. Currently, ASUS is not aware of the issues yet.

  • Glad it worked for you. If you have not contacted ASUS's Support via call or email, please do so. Explain the problem like many others. Currently, ASUS is not aware of this problem for FX505GT models.

  • Thanks for reminding, I just sent an email now. Hopefully they become aware and issue fixes sooner.

  • Yeah, I’m having the same problem. I tried contacting Asus and they said to do a hard reset, in which you unplug and laptop and hold down the power button for 60 seconds then plug the laptop back and turn the device on. This work for me once but the next time i boot up the device the same problem persist.

  • Go to windows search and type system info and press enter , on the right side check your Bios version , if its 308 leave it like that.

    if its outdated then go and download BIOS 308 (Windows) and execute the file.(It will reboot)

    after that disable those asus servcies mentioned in previous post and you are good to go.

  • Try sharing it, many are suffering from this issue.

  • Welcome , Please share it as wide as possible. If you or anyone can make a video on this procedure please go ahead and post it in your channel.

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    Did you uninstalled System Firmware also ticked box? Then BIOS will not Automatically Update.

    Ishaan Mahajan.


    i already disable some asus services in msconfig but no with Armoury crate, so my armoury crate is work fine.and after that i download BIOS 308 and i update manually from BIOS menu.now my dedicated Gpu worked!

    the conclution for me is i remember that on 30 october windows update notify me that there are few update ready to download , and i was just download it and install it like usual. early after update i feel nothing changes with my laptop ( TUF FX505GT ) but when i play games like Valorant,Apex,GTA 5,DOTA 2 ,those lag comes. i open my Taskmanager and i saw my intel GPU is 99-100% like wtf? why didnt the Gtx1650 work? and all of them is only running with 20-33 fps, what a mess.

    panic? yes tbh

    but thanks to this thread yall help me

    goodluck for yall who suffer with this issues :)

  • i had the same issue with my laptop, being very slow and the fans not working after bios 308 update. first time i tried it didn't work, and got a boot erorr

    . after that i reinstaled windows and got all the possible drivers installed from asus website and the problem is solved for now. antoher problem that i got after bios 308 update is that my keyboard light doesnt work anymore, it lights when i start the computer but right before it enters windows, it stops

    . I have asus tuf fx505gt but in my list of services some are missing


    Thank you.

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