Auto brightness keeps turning off by itself

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  1. Model Name: zenfone 7 pro
  2. Firmware Version: 29.13. 7.24
  3. Rooted or not: no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: daily
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My auto brightness always turns off automatically after 24 hours or when I go sleep.

Why does this happen? I never touch the brightness slider too..


  • Ok, and how do you notice this. Will it stay at the same brightness even if you hold it under a lamp?

  • Every time I wake up or don't use the phone for a long period of time (5 hours) it will just reset again..

  • I've noticed also when I plug my phone into charge, refresh rate Moe changes automatically, and unplugging it changed again. Could it be this?

  • Are you using different power mode settings when plugged or at night ?

    It may be the settings in the power mode that override user settings.

  • I can definitely confirm that plugging it in, then waking up next morning, slider goes back to manual.

    Ive checked all the settings but nowhere does it allow me to disable or enae auto brightness.

    It's currently set on custom mode

  • It's adaptive brightness learning mode. My phone stops doing that after 2 weeks or so.

  • That's weird, I have the phone since launch in September, I set it to auto-brightness and it never changed since then, even in the Android 11 beta.

    I plug it some nights and it's still in auto in the morning.

  • But is adaptive brightness enabled in settings?

  • Yes, it's enabled, it's what this thread is about, there's only one auto-brightness or adaptive brightness setting, if I did not use it I wouldn't have posted here.

  • Yes, right. But then it's normal:

    (Sorry, Can't post full link )


    "Android will learn what screen brightness is comfortable for a user in a given lighting environment. The user teaches it by manually adjusting the slider, and, as the software trains over time, the user should need to make fewer manual adjustments"

  • Hmm really, adjusts it says which I know since the birth of Android.

    But this is the first phone ever out of my 10 Android devices that auto brightness TOGGLES Off..

    I guess I'll have to see after a couple weeks

  • So it still automatically turns off after several weeks in total. What's wrong?

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