Rog Phone 3 needs an update urgently

yogeio08yogeio08 Level 1
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I have been using this Rog Phone 3 from the day i bought it from 3rd sale on flipkart India. The phone is really good but due to some bad steps/decision taken by Asus ruins all the experience For Eg BAD QUALITY AMOLED SCREEN.

This screen has some serious issues like heavy black crush on every app and it justs ruins the experience of watching media from any source either it is amazon prime, netflix and many , Image retention, Image tearing when moving from one story to another in instagram app some times the video or image shown gets pixelated i had to rewatch it.

The most important thing is that this issue is wide spread its not like that i am the only one suffering with the problem. Asus this phone has serious issue and you had to clear them out and also it is not yet cleared that this is a hardware issue or software. If its an hardware issue they are trying to hide it by optimising the colors of the display and if its a software issue then it is not yet been rectified and promises are made that it will be rectified with the future update.


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