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  1. New UX463F supplied with "touch stylus". Touchscreen is OK but stylus doesn't seem to do anything. On unscrewing cap there is a tag with lable saying "DO NOT PULL THIS LABEL" . Bur=t it looks like it's simply an insulator to stop the battery discharging before use. Is that what it is? If so the wording should be changed.


  • Hello last3,

    May I know which stylus pen are you using? ASUS pen?

    and make you take a picture or a video of your description or how you were trying to use it?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake and thanks for a quick reply,

    This is the stylus - it came from Asus with the Zenbook and was listed as "ASUS Sleeve and Touch Stylus Included", but there is no name on it. A tiny QR code and the numbers 04190-001800  and 00009B100851. Question was whether the tab has a function once the device is in use. Also it would be good to have some instructions for the two buttons etc.


  • Hello last3,

    Please refer to below introduction of ASUS pen or ASUS pen user manual

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for that but doesn't address the original question I asked about the labelled tab, which is part of the cap. It is not on the battery as shown here .

  • OK the instruction sheet (manual) linked shows the insulation tab on the BATTERY. The "Introduction of ASUS Pen" one does refer to it being on the cap although a different appearance and clearly says do NOT pull it!!

  • Hello last3,

    Sorry for the confusion. I have reported that.

    Are you able to use the pen now?

    Thank you.

  • Don't pull that protection. There should be a small round material that disrupt the connection from the battery to the pen pins. Just take out the battery and that small round black cover will fall. You should keep it and put it back if you don't use the pen too often.

  • On the other side, I would have liked the pen to have more robust buttons. Whenever I try to use it, the buttons jiggle and make small noise.

  • OK thanks. The screen seems to recognise it now but I am not sure if there is any pressure sensitivity - how can I check this please?

  • To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any software available from Asus to visualize/ tweak the pen. I also quit using it due to the amount of pressure you need put on the screen in order to not have disruptions. Asus should tweak it more. I own the Pro Duo laptop which is ~3k Euros, therefore, I don't feel too confident to put so much pressure on a screen that might not be replaceable.

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