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Hi gurus I have just purchased a ROG 3 strix edition and while googling an OtterBox for it I came across something called an Arion case,I believe. Can someone please educate this moron in what it actually is. It looks like an alternative tradies case but from the adds it looks like it replaces the back cover. Is this correct or should I watch what my wife is slipping me . I am not a gamer I just love Asus phones and could not resist this beast . I am not a tradie I am a distribution driver so I need something that can protect my investment from the Day to day, All day 5 days a week, from the knocks and cra$ I put my phones through. Will this do the job????

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  • I think you have your names mixed up. The ROG Strix Arion is an M.2 NVMe SSD enclosure. Think of it as a super beefed up USB drive.

    You're most likely thinking about the Aero case - but that should have been included in the box when you bought your phone. Are you looking for a more sturdy alternative?

  • ok I have to ask what's a USB drive. I understand that it will have an aero case in the  box when it arrives,I only purchased it online a few days ago and with Australia post and the covid nightmare I should get it by next year sometime ( actually I'm hoping it's the end of next week) so is the aero case like a hard case for it like an otter box?? I really want an otter box for it but they don't actually make one for it yet

  • There's nothing really like an OtterBox yet mate and I'm not sure how one would go on the phone even of there was it runs a bit warm as it is. I'm going to get the OEM lighting case which is a bit heavier duty than the supplied one. I got a soft silicone case from Amazon it's a great fit and generally good case but it's not compatible with the aeroactive cooler unfortunately.



  • Ok cool where did you source the lightning case from? I'm not really a gamer so I don't know if I should be to concerned with the heat problem. What do you think? Is it still likely to be a problem, I really just use it to surf the internet, I use android auto a bit ( I am a distribution driver) but apart from that just to make and receive calls

  • PS I know it sounds absurd to pay so much for a gaming phone when I'm not a gamer but it just sounds like a beast of a phone so I couldn't resist. Also my daughter is moving back in for a while with Her husband to be so I'm sure it will get some gaming in

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