Zenfone 7 Pro is ON but the screen wont turn on. Cant hard reset

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So i have a Zenfone 7 pro and this morning i tried to look at the clock on the phone. It was playing music from the music streaming service i use so i thought everything was fine. But i tried to turn on the display but it wont turn on at all. I tried to hard reset by long pressing power button which did not help at all. Some times my alarm started playing and i could turn them off or atleast snooze it by clicking on the power button but thats it. So since i cannot remove the battery to force shut down it, any ideas how to get the display on?


  • UPDATE The screen just turned on by itself... So still quite annoying and it shouldnt happen... Only thing is i use a secondary usb charger as i broke the cable that came with the phone but that shouldtne make it so i cant use the screen. For future reference i would still like to know what i should do

  • I have no idea what happened but next time, long press power plus volume down for 10+ seconds

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