(ask) (complain) Why rog accessories doesnt have low recoil features/less features ?

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I just wanna ask something, why rog phone accessories so less features, i Mean they just be a button or controller or mouse and keyboard

Why rog accessories doesnt have features ? For example , we have kunai right ? But kunai just kunai its just a button and the price not cheap, and you know fly Digi Apex is controller/joystick and support android/IOS and have features low recoil

ok another example, mobile dekstop dock, battle dock for rog phone, so we can play with mouse and keyboard and connect to our tv and so on, unfortunately its just a button and keymapping for mouse and keyboard

but on the other side they have gamesir battledock, i know they cant make it to tv or PC, but they have features low recoil inside the apps, and double key mapping, key mapping sheet, and the price of the dock maybe like 30$ and can be used for android and IOS (not only one phone)

I hope In the future Asus make this accessories special, with alot features inside game genie, low recoil and so on


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