Fan was silent, now high pitch noise

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This is a UX431DA, Ryzer 3700U, firmware upgraded to 3.01.

I bough this computer online two weeks ago. The fan was running most of the time but quite silent, only the airflow noise. Happy with it.

About 5 days ago I was working with the computer and I heard a "click" and now the fan is noisy and annoying, high pitch sound constantly. Really annoying.

My office table is cleaned every day, I am careful about that. No dust, and absolutely nothing big enough to damage the fan. The fan should not pick any dirt in a week of use. I used compressed air to blow any hypothetical dirt. Opening the laptop (only a week of use) shows the inside crystal clear. The fan shows no dirt either, spin freely and effortless.

Computer performance keeps good, no overheating, just regular thermal throttling when I demand performance for more than a few seconds, as usual in this (poorly refrigerated) model.

The fan is just NOISY. Very.

I would request a refund under Spanish laws, if this issue is not solved.

Please, advice.


  • Hello jcea,

    Are you able to record the sound for us to clarify the issue?

    And was there any specific update or modification before the issue occurred?

    like windows update or BIOS update?

    Thank you.

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    I upgraded from BIOS 3.0 to 3.01, as downloaded from ASUS website. This upgrade was days before the sudden whining noise. For my (long) experience, this sounds like a mechanical issue with the fan.

    As I said, I was making the computer working hard for hours, a sudden "click" sound and then the high pitch noise since.

    Recordings made with the internal microphones of the laptop (the actual subjective experience is not so bad, the internal microphones are picking a lot of noise). Analyzing the sound, I see harmonics in multiples of ~ 200Hz . Too bad I don't have a recording of the noise (faint and pleasant) of the fan when it was working correctly.


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    The forum doesn't allow me to post links. Lets see

    You can download recording from "https" from ""

  • Hello jcea,

    Thank you for the recording.

    May you provide a screenshot of the task manager when the fan is spinning ?

    And which battery mode are you on now?

    Thank you.

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    Running Linux here. In the recordings you can see recordings of different fan speeds, from minimal speed to full fan speed. The whining sound is always there, in fact it is far more noticeable when the fan is spinning slowly because the noise is not masked by the air flow babbling. That is, the whining noise doesn't change with CPU load or temperature, after the fan starts spinning.

    The noise doesn't not change with battery only, AC+battery charging or AC+battery fully charged.

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    Booting the laptop, entering the BIOS and just sitting there, the fan will be full speed and noisy after a minute. So this is not Operating System dependent. Asus BIOS 3.01.

  • Hello jcea,

    Thank you so much for your description.

    Please kindly send your device to service center for further examination.

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