Hot keys not working even after updating

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  1. System: asus rog Stix g
  2. Battery or AC:
  3. Model: g531gt
  4. Frequency of occurrence: almost everytime
  5. Reset OS: windows 10
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:Hi,

My laptop (ASUS ROG STRIX G G531GT) just got delivered 2 days ago and it's not working properly..

The keyboard won't work.. like fn keys or aura key, fan key and the whole line at the top. I restart my device and sometimes it works but sometimes it don't..

After seeing this problem I installed the ATK package and updated it as told on ASUS site but this this isn't working please help!!


  • Hello Manyabhai,

    This issue has been solved quite a while ago.

    Please kindly update BIOS, and check your Windows update, keep running it without manually install or update anything.

    It will required a few reboot.

    And then after the last reboot, please kindly wait for about 5 minutes before open any program.

    Go to below route

    C:\Program Files\ASUS\ARMOURY CRATE Service\GameVisualPlugin\GameVisualPlugin.dll

    check if this GameVisualPlugin version has been updated to v1.0.7.0 or latter version.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Black_ASUS, I checked my version of GameVIsualPlugin and it showed as v So should I reinstalled the entire ARMOURY CREATE SERVICE again or what kind of thing that i should do?

    thank you and hope to your reply

  • Hello Kaiye,

    Please follow below FAQ to reinstall all the drivers listed.

    Please be careful that the installation order must be the same.

    There was new update for ASUS System Control Interface V2 as well, which is essential to this issue.

    Also, after the installation, reboot the device, and DO NOT OPEN ANY PROGRAM.

    connect to the internet, wait for 5 minutes, check the game visual again, make sure it is updated to v1.0.7.0 or latter version,

    then we can continue to open armoury crate and myasus...

    Thank you.

  • I have the same issue and I'm trying to fix it 3 days almost. So I just was wondering, should I wait those 5 minutes after Step 9 (rebooting after ROG Live Service package installing) or after Step 10 (ASUS System Control Interface V2 installing)?

    Another question, should I install all these mentioned apps ASUS Keyboard hotkeys UAP/Driver or MyASUS 2.0/ASUS System Control Interface V2 ? Or I can just install ASUS Keyboard hotkeys UAP and ASUS System Control Interface V2 and that's all? Because I can't understand that "or" and these slash symbols, which mainly means "or" as well.

  • I made exactly as you said and how it's explainted in the FAQ (with correct order). Current GameVisualPlugin.dll version is I installated ASUS Keyboard hotkeys UAP/Driver or MyASUS 2.0/ASUS System Control Interface V2 (btw is the C:\DRIVERS\ASUS System Control Interface V2 correct destination where it was installed automatically? seems like it doesn't affect anything).

    My laptop is G731GV and all these steps didn't help me to fix the issue

  • Hello vladmihailov125,

    Sorry for the confusing, your model does not have ASUS Keyboard hotkeys UAP, so  MyASUS and ASUS System Control Interface V2 driver are the one needed.

    And after you download the ASUS System Control Interface V2 driver file, did you run that install.bat as well?

    Please refer to below link to check if you have ASUS System Control Interface V2 V2.2.31.0.

    Thank you.

  • Hello Blake_ASUS,

    Thanks for your reply. Well, I was installing and unistalling all these necessary software/drivers in different orders. Seems like all these machinations only made the issue worse and I decided to make a full Windows reinstall. Then I just made exactly as explained on that page from FAQ and then waited 5 minutes after Step 9. Everything is now functions perfect on my G731GV except the CPU frequency and usage showing in Armoury Crate as it was before I begun trying to fix it and it came to the disabled hotkeys and etc.

    I made only 5 things and nothing more: 1. ARMOURY CRATE Service; 2. ARMOURY CRATE UWP; 3. ROG Live Service package; 4. ASUS Keyboard Hotkeys (Windows store); 5. MyASUS (Windows store).

  • You can insert the Windows installation DVD into the optical drive and check if the keyboard is disabled during the Windows installation process. By answering this simple question, it can be decided whether simple repairs are possible or whether the laptop should be sent to an after-sales service center to have its keyboard repaired

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