Why build the phone just around Google?

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I want to know why you guys just building the phone around Google?! I almost don't use any off Googles apps and will understand why asus force me to use it.. Do like Samsung that's allow Google,, Samsung and Microsoft apps ( what I know maybe 3party works fine to. ) to work like standard apps without problems... What will happen if the EU law going in and Google apps is not allowed to be pre-installed on the phones.


Maybe think 2 steps ahead and not 2 steps back.


  • I think Asus provide certain alternative apps to Google's. Google apps are very popular. You can always install whatever apps you want.

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    I know I can install what ever I want but some stuff don't work with asus apps when I remove the Google apps.

    And there android version is just build around Google and I want to be able to have possibilities to use other companies apps just not Google to get everything out of the phone.

  • You do realize its built on Android (google), download and use whatever app you want. Please never change this. My last phone was Huawei, you don't want to be in that boat. Locked into certain apps is not a good thing, unless your on iPhone. What apps don't work for you?

  • I know its Googles operating system but if the law kicks in maybe Google's apps won't be on any phone and you will have to download it on the side and why build it around that?

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    They will still have to support this phone for now. Can't you just download and use whatever apps you want at the moment? You could turn it into a microsoft only phone if you wanted as example.

  • I can't backup the phone becuse I have onedrive.

    I can't use use support page on the system settings page becuse I don't use Chrome.

    The list continues.

    Let everyone use what every app and use the phone on there way and not Google way.

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    If Samsung releases the same spec that asus use in EU next gen and not only us I will change even if till cost 10k more.

  • I don't see those issues. The operating system is google. I cant backup my apple mac to google. I cant backup to apple servers from google. There are work arounds, 3rd party backups etc. Have you used Huawei to understand what it's like to be locked in?

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    It's possible for asus to fix all that.

    I don't know about Huawei but what I understand asus do the same and lock us to Google.

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    You are welcome to buy Apple phone or Huawei phones. Or install custom ROMs without the Google apps.

  • Why do I need to buy apple or Huawei just becuse I want to be able to use a phone without Google's own apps? Can't find any info in my post that I don't want android I just want to be able to use any app without asus force me to the store. Custom rom break the Guarantee...

    You know that Google apps and asus own apps will be removed from the phones if the law kicks in? So we will soon have a phone with just Googles core apps. ( Operating system)

  • Take Microsoft for example.

    They don't force you to use there apps.

    I can use what ever browser, text, photo ( What ever I want) without it forces me to install microsoft apps to get it running.

    I can even use Googles apps without it tells med to use Microsoft own apps.

  • I appreciate your frustration. However, I do believe that if companies like Asus didn't include Google apps and services it would annoy and inconvenience more people than it helps. People tend to be annoyed by duplicate apps/stores or services pre-installed. Lots of manufacturers get criticism for have 'bloat'.

    Also, if EU law says that Google can't bundle their apps with phones then it will only affect new phones. No on will be deleting anything from your phone.

    Asus is a tiny player in the mobile space. They likely won't spend the resources to develop alternatives like Samsung and others can. No phone manufacturer is the same. If there's something you can't find in one you need to vote with your wallet and buy another.

    Also do you have examples of other manufacturers providing the services/apps you're talking about?

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    You might be correct with the way you think it should be. But if you want to unandroid the android os then you have to be doing that since years with lots of experience.

    Look at samsung, they took years to perfect their own ui and failed miserably until they debloated most of the stuff and released stable ONE UI versions. But then its build on top of android, so all google services exist there as well.

    Oneplus never took that approach so you can feel the smoothness in their UI.

    ROG series is on the similar lines to keep the smoothness in UI and keep it true to original android os, we dont see much bloatware.

    And you know gapps are required to setup your phone right, it all starts from there. How can you deny their existence when they have the license to everything that happens on your phone.

    Surely, you would have heard of unlocking/rooting android phone. You can install apps on the system partition to achieve what you want. And there is nothing wrong on ROG3 without rooting as well. Not sure which apps you are talking about(i saw the attached video), but simply setting a default app in settings will do most of the things.

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    You can also buy a tencent version of Rog phone 3. It comes without Google. :)

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    So... What are you forced to use in ROG Phone 3?

    Play store? You can install Amazon store, apkpure, apkmirror, etc.

    So what phone were you using before this that didn't build around Google? Why the angst?

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    Everything that's asus apps.

    Same with the armory I can't use my Xbox controller becuse every time I press start it want me to use remap...

    I know I don't have to use Google store but Chrome and Google drive and so on I need to have to be able to get full access to asus apps/ system.

    I was using Samsung and I'm so disappointed that I tryed asus... I can say it will be the last asus phone I will ever get.

    When they release snapdragon versions in EU next I will say good bye to asus.

  • Thanks for a serious respond.

    I accept that they have Google apps but I want to be able to use other services without be forced to have duplicate apps on the phone that's works the same but for different companies.

    I use Microsoft apps for the most part and they have the same deal and almost do the same that Google do but I want to be able to go from the pc and continue on the phone if it's needed and I know Samsung have that but I dident go for Samsung becuse I'm not interested in the chip thet the EU version of note 20 have. But I was hopping asus made there version around others and not just Google users.

    The law It can't be just for new phone? It most be in later updates? Because one update can make it all possible.

  • I have been loving Samsung almost from start and have never hade any issues with them. They think out from the box and tryed to make "Samsung Android" there on until Google start cry becuse Samsung was and taking away all the Google money from them.

    We need Android but we don't need to have Google's apps.

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