Heavy black crush please replace it

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I brought my phone on 30 September now it's showing heavy black crush issue I feels shameful having this device in public......


  • Padmaawat: khalibali song, source: YouTube. Please solve it or replace it ......

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    Hi. I searched and watch this song. It looks no where near as washed out as the pictures posted. Not sure why. It looked even better when i change to 1080p. Have you played with any brightness/colour settings etc on your phone? I really dont see any of the problems ppl are having. To be fair i just received my phone a few days ago and have let it do updates to 17.0823.2008.78. I wonder if phones need to be hard reset after updating to fix? not sure, just my experience. And btw saying "solve it or replace" is not helping anything. Have you tried downloading a video from youtube and play it through VLC or some third party software with their own codecs? Sorry if you've tried this, but would be my first step in this situation. Youtube can be bad with streaming codecs sometimes, just like Netflix etc.

  • Make sure you are on latest software version which is .78, you can check by

    Go to setting => About => Software information.

    Can you please share the below:

    1. Firmware version

    2. App to play video (video title where you experience this)

    3. Brightness setting 

    4. Screenshot 

  • Sure. If u have $799, we will replace u device with a new device.

  • I have already updated software version .78 ,

    The app is YouTube,

    Padmaawat : khalibali song...

  • What about the amount I have paid already to buy this shit phone

  • Screenshots won't show the problem as screenshot is how the display should project. So on my phone the screenshots look ok, a little low resolution but ok.

    You need to click pictures of the screen using another phone if you want to show the problem.

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