For those with stuttering issues

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Hello everyone, I don't suffer from these stuttering issues as I do have a strong tendency to keep my phone clean and not having it very clogged with services and apps, however I do have the suspicion that the stuttering you guys see on your phones might be something caused by your hardware being to slowly clocked due to battery optimization settings.

So I ask you to do this experiment:

Record your scrolling screen and upload it here with x-mode off and x-mode on. If the stuttering dissapears once x-mode is on, then it simply means battery optimizations is clocking your hardware to slow relative to the apps you have installed. I also suspect that people with the tencent version are going to have much more stuttering compared to the global version people.

Even if my suspiscion is off, this would be an orignized topic the devs can look at to gather information on what applications are causing stuttering instead of having 100000 topics spread all over the forums.


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