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I just purchased rog 3 two day's before and today I noticed my volume keys got stucked after 1hr of usage/gaming.

From the past 24hrs I faced the issue more than 3 times..

Even my rog 2 also have same issue, so I upgraded to ROG 3 but sadly ROG 3 also.


  • xihexihe Level 2

    How many times do you press the volume key a day?

  • Rarely 3 to 4 times..

    Usually I increase volume while playing games once I finished I down my volume

    Whenever I try to down my volume after 1hours of game I fell like keys got stuck if in case I try to push hard key got stucked for few min (both up and down) I have press up/down continuously to fix the stuck..

    Both of my Rog 2 & Rog 3 having same issue

  • Pls note my Rog 2 still having the issue from the date of purchase January 2020

    I reached service center more than 3 times but still issue not fixed

    Now I'm really worried about my Rog 3

  • xihexihe Level 2

    Did you go to the service centre for servicing and what did the technician say in the service report?

  • For the first visit they told as due to dust

    Second visit they told as all good no issues they simply return my device..

    I seen some post in zentalk about rog 2 volume key stuck issue when device heat up.. seems some globe users having same issue..

    But I don't know about Rog 3

    both rog 2 & 3 looks similar both should have somecommon hardware like keys usb port etc...

    For me same sinario for both device facing issues on next day of purchase

  • 2 day before I given rog 2 to service center to fix it

    I already sent email to assus support

    And also sent email to assus CEO office.. I only have 2months warrenty now.. waste of 10months no improvement...

    I am not going to do the same for Rog 3 I gonna return my device to flipkart and better movie to some other brand.

  • Hi @rvicky.57

    Can you share me the details in PM so that my service team can look into it.

    Fixing a volume button which has gone little less clickily shouldn't be a challenge.

    If your ROG is within return period you can replace and get a new one. If there is any issue you can also visit service center.

  • Okay for Rog 3 I request for replacement

    But for Rog 2 not yet fixed from past 10 months 3rd time given to service now email to assus support also pls find the case A2010058271

  • i have the same problem. volume down got stuck. i dont normaly press volume maybe 2 or 3x a week my rog 3 was only less than 2months old. i had my rog 1 for years now never experience this problem with it.

  • Asus should look into the quality dept for button issue , I am sure I won't go for any asus phone next time

  • I got replacement for Rog 3 from Flipkart.. as of now all good, let me review after a week

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