Asus zenfone 5z restarting and no network

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From some days my phone started to restart on its own for no reason and each time it restarts on its own the network signals are gone and then I have to restart it again from power menu and after the restart the signal comes back but after some hours the same thing will happen again sometimes happens after an hour or half an hour or some times in minutes and no I didn't dropped my phone nor there's any kind of virus or ghost doing it if that's what you guys are going to say it's a software bug that needs to be fixed and if someone says in the comment but I'm not facing that then you should know many bugs previously showed up on some devices and didn't showed up on others this in consistent behaviour is famous from Asus. In updates and also in bugs 🤦

Please request the developer team to fix this ASAP cuz I didn't buy this phone for testing OS on this phone I bought it to use it as my daily driver so please try na understand

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  • Hi Sufyan

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly provide the information below so that we can better assist you.

    1. Does the issue appear right after any system/apps' download or update?

    2. The issue frequency

    3. Does the device auto shutdown while using any app/game app? Which apps were you using?

    4. Do you notice any heat zone during auto shutdown?

    5. Does the issue remain after performing the Factory Reset?

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    1. Does the issue remain after performing the Factory Reset?


    2. The issue frequency?

    very high

    3. Does the device auto shutdown while using any app/game app? Which apps were you using?

    Doesnt matter as thats happening even after factory reset from the recovery

    4. Do you notice any heat zone during auto shutdown?

    heat zone yes in the pcp region when network fluctuates a lot

    5. Does the issue appear right after any system/apps' download or update?


  • Hi Sufyan

    Thank you for your quick reply. What you described indicates high possibility of slightly faulty hardware, which can lead to Internet error as well. Please turn on auto-backup or backup your data from time to time. If the device does not encounter the auto shutdown frequently, you may keep your normal usage. If the device starts to encounter the auto shutdown frequently, e,g. from once two week to once two days, please bring your device to the nearest repair center for further device checking:

    If it is impossible to access the service center during Covid-19 period, please try Call us:

  • i am in Saudi Arabia and a far as i know here Asus don't really have service centers for Zenfones can you please check and give me an update about it?

    and about the hardware fault i never dropped my phone nor did it get any hard hits then what could be the possible reason behind such a hardware fault

    thank you

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    today while i was trying to use my device i saw an error encountered something with the name " something phone " got stopped and then same thing happened phone got stuck (which happens every time it gets restarted) and then as expected the phone got restarted So i still Strongly feel that its a software issue that many 5z users are encountering.

    So i request you to let the developers know about this problem and stop this inconvenience from happening as last time it was happening and many people here told me its a hardware issue which got solved by an OTA update it was solved, but it started to happen again with the latest update.

  • and i also noticed that network works fine unless and until data is turned on after the data is turned on it can get stuck and restart at anytime (the device i.e asus zenfone 5z)

  • Hi Sufyan

    Thank you for your reply. Where did you buy the device? Due to local service policy, if you buy the device from ASUS authorized purchase channel in the country of your residence, you can repair in local repair center. Please check with your local repair center first.

  • Happening same with me too! I have a post also for the same thing, networks are gone and the phone restarts.

  • Whenever i turn on data from off state or the Hotspot the phone shows no network and freezes and restarts. @amitgarde3 i am not the only one. Phone shows Crashed and then freezes and restarts several times. Sometimes gets stuck in bootloop for 20 mins until i dont restart from the bootloader menu.

  • I've got it checked from the service centre too.... They are saying your harware and all flex cables are fine. I've even tried factory reseting and reflashing(from service centre) but today the same issue happened in morning.

  • 1) Either times.

    2)3/10 times(in a day)

    3)No, only using the launcher and scrolling. Sometimes in any app eg settings, whatsapp, instagram etc. But mostly when toggling on or off network settings.

    4) none in mine.

    5) YESS.... aldredy told in my previous reply.

    It is such a relief for me to hear that I am not the only one who is experiencing the issue.

    The exact what @Sufyan has described is happening with me.

    Pls help!

  • See this thread. I am experiencing exact same problem.

  • Hi adityapruthi2001

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly provide the information below so that we can better assist you.

    1. Have you tried to install the latest firmware version V99?

    2. As you mentioned in your thread, the issue remains after performing the Factory Reset, indicating high possibility of faulty hardware. Also, the other users in your thread do not encounter the same issue. Please check your inbox and provide me your SN and your RMA no. (the number that the repair center gave you once they served you.) via PM to avoid any personal information leaking.

  • 1)Yes aldredy tried that.

    2) aldredy pm you.

    Pls check


  • Even i am facing the same issue from the last one month. I have tried all the steps mentioned above. Visit service centre they flushed software and now I am on the latest firmware.99 version. Did factory reset thrice with in a month. I am unable to connect WiFi and whenever I try to connect my WiFi phone freeze and restarts itself. Last couple of days when I try to open camera it restarts. I think it's not user specific and it's across all the users. I have seen many Zenfone 5z phones for sale in OLX. As many Zenfone 6 users complained about the updates that resulted in faulty motherboard, I guess the same happened with my phone. I got the phone in flipkart BBD in 2018, now in this BBD looking for another one. In this 2 years time period issues faced are battery draining, charging port damage that costed me 1500₹. After shelling out 27k I felt I made a terrible mistake purchasing this. Whomever read this post certainly say that this is not a good option I made. Many users were facing the same issue and it's not coming into lime light as they don't know that they can post in this forum. @adityapruthi2001 , @Sufyan if you can find any updates or solution to this let me know my email id is [email protected]

  • forgot to mention that when ever I charge there is a sudden surge in battery charging it rises from 15% to 18% within seconds and in 10minutes it reaches to 55% like that. And after that it charges slowly.

  • Yes, this happens with me too.... Seems as if it restarts to calibrate the battery. It was 85% then after just 2 mins of restarting it came to 80%.

  • See attached video.

    Ps sorry for background sounds. I live in a clumsy house.

  • Also forgot to mention that service centre manager said we have complained it to the head branch. Even 2 other users are facing thr same issue. They quoted, "that network going and restart na??? Yeah yeah... Its common.... Software hai!..."

  • I'm getting this and the phone restarts.

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