Touch not responding on top (between selfie camera to speaker)

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  1. Model Name: ROG 3
  2. Firmware Version:.78
  3. Rooted or not: NO
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: ALWAYS FROM NOW ON
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Today my phone didn't response on touching in the uper right place( above the selfie camera) until the middle of the top speaker. I attach photos and a video. Is it hardware? Factory reset will do anything? I have done factory reset a dew days before. Do i need to do one more factory reset, it woll solve the problem?? Anyone else facing this issue?? Restart the phones does nothing just to say

On the video i turn over the phone as u can see and from the oppooy side i can adjust the brightness (it responsers as it used to be) but on the normal it doesn't responses at all!!!. It does the same on everything in that area (from selfie cam to top speaker)

Omg i hope it is not hardware problem and have to ho to warranty service.



  • Update

    I realize that the automatic brightness isnt working at all, as it used to be. Maybe the sensor is faulty and it reacts to the touching panel?

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    Any screen protector installed?

  • No , no screen protector installed.

  • Today the touching in this place works but i dont think it is working 100%. I am so confused. I also remove the lighting armor case, because i think it working the nfc, as i mount the cause the nfc flashes on top for some seconds..... I will check today how it is going , maybe i will do a factory reset later. If u guys can help me with your opinions, someone have the same situation?? I post the today video to see and tell me how u see it . Is there anywhere to see the touching setting ( not in the armoury crate only )

    By the way i add a program for touching test (touch screen test on play store). When i touch this place, it marks 2 dots can anyone do the same? I add the picture below to see

  • I did factory reset and the problem is there. So i have to go to the company with the warranty..... Pff who has the patient now to wait...

  • I did another video from another touch screen tester. I think it is a faulty digitizer, please tell me your opinion

  • I send it to asus service and opened RMA. WHEN asus confirm that the touching panel is faulty, what will Asus do ? I only accept replacement with a brand new Rog 3 , because mine was brand new 20 days old. I don't discuss about tear down and replace the faulty part because i dont want to have a brand new phone teared down and give back to me.

  • Not to discuss that i have no phone right now and wondering how many time this will last. I was very impressed by rog 3 from specs and performance, gaming was awasome, bypass charging so perfect and must feature,use it almost everytime i was played,but now with this touching problem i was disappointed a little. Now to chear up again i want to see how good is Asus aftersales and if they will do the right think and give me a new replacement. If so i definitely tell that Asus is a serious company, professionals and really that care about customers. Now for the black crash issue and others little bugs, i think it is a matter of time to resolved via OTA update. It was my first Asus product and i will stick to Asus for life (btw i will need a laptop soon).

  • Just today i see at myasus app that my phone need some time to repair because of the spare part and the repair center will call me back within 3 days. I don't wait, and call to see whats the news. The employee tell me that the problem confirmed ,there will be change all the screen and the spare part screen will be there by the end of the week. He told me that definitely the next week i will have back my phone. I ask him that if the spare part is genuine, told me yes , asked him about the new screen has the gorilla glass 6 and told me obviously it will have it. I asked that the phone once it is opened, it will be the same, the engineers will put the thermal pastes and all that has the phone from factory? Told me yes and the phone will be as new. Because my phone was new 18days old, i was waiting for a replacement, but as i think twice, it is better to change the screen with a new batch screen and maybe the other screen related problems will be solved

    I am half satisfied by now. To fully satisfied i will tell u when the phone arrives back to me.

    I have to say that Asus aftersales service is very good and fast responding, the employee is polite, and the myasus app is very precise about the procedure of the RMA.

    Asus is a serious company that take cares of the customers and i think all the bugs and problems that has the phone will be gone with new updates coming.....

  • Send an email yesterday(friday that told me the spare screen will arrive) to tell me how it is going but no answer yesterday i think Monday will answer but i think i will be waiting for much more. They have told me at first that i will have my phone back until the next week 26-30 October at most. Its been 10 days now without a phone and it is tragic, i paid 1000 new rog 3 phone and in 18 days i am out of phone and no new replacement for me.

    Can a mod tell me why they didn't give me a new rog 3 replacement and have to be waiting to repair a brand new 18 days old phone? And tell me it will be the same as new the repaired rog 3 ? It will have the gorilla glass 6 in place? All the thermal pastes will be added as the factory construction and the heatting materials and all the phone in general will not be damaged??? I have seen in videos of tearing down rog 3 that some inside materials damaging when they tear down( the copper sink as an example). I have a small doubt about this please solve me my enquiry!




  • i think the reason why they didn't replace the phone is they only allowed it to be replaced 7 day after you bought it. i think it's on the warranty that they gave you after you bought the phone.

  • Yes, but 10 days later in a brand new rog 3 that is turn out to be defective the right policy is to give a new replacement, thats my opinion!

  • 1. General

    ASUS warrants the Product to be free from 

    defects in workmanship and materials for the 

    Warranty Period. The Warranty does not cover 

    bundled accessories, which were delivered

    together with the Product such as: cables, bag, 

    earphone etc. If the Product fails during normal 

    and proper use within the Warranty Period, 

    ASUS, at its discretion, will repair or replace the 

    defective parts of the Product, or the Product 

    itself, with new or reconditioned parts or products 

    that are functionally equivalent or superior to 

    those originally supplied.

    Thats a part from rog 3 warranty . As u can see " OR THE PRODUCT ITSELF".

    of course in warranty it is common to change the defective parts but i only say that it must be replaced because of the 18 days old phone. If i had the phone for 2 plus months there will be fair to be replaced only the defective part but 18 days old phone is brand new in my opinion!

  • okay to information

  • Still waiting, they false told me that this week the phone will be back to me. It stills says waiting. But i can not understand why Asus employee told me that i will get the phone on my hands this week. Last Friday send email asking how it is going, and get no response by now(5 days no response back) on Monday I CALL asus support they told me that when it is fixed i will get an email. Omg 18 days phone and now i am without it for 2 weeks. Thats why i told the proper solution of a serious company to this as it is only 18 days brand new phone and it became faulty products MUST be immediately replaced by a new one. But the company's policy and after sales policy is to have the NEW customer waiting and waiting. Why i get no response from moderator's and devs of the forum that i tag them? Why they don't back me up on this?



  • Again no answers..... I am so disappointed.

    Today i call the service center told that i will have email today about the estimated date of receiving my phone. The funny thing is when asked why the week before told me that i will have the phone by now, they had no answers! The calls is copied from company as i agree if they want to search the calls!

    Anyway so bad luck it happens to me to buy a faulty from factory phone , but it doesn't shows the problem on first 7 days just not to have a replacement from the shop i purchased it. Maybe asustec will bankrupt if will give me a new replacement.

  • Update

    Asus mail :

    We have already open an escalation to the responsible department in order for an another solution to be examined.

    This happens last week, how many days needs to get an solution?

    Asus team can u just help me get the phone back? Can u talk with headquarters??

    All i want is to get back this monster gaming phone, it is top notch it beats every phone, i dont care about cameras. To me cameras are great! Its a gaming phone, not a camera!

    I still don't regret and i will never regret buing Rog phone 3, but i am disappointed about my problem, because i was chosen to have a faulty phone component. It happens thought on all products I know. But the disappointment is bigger as the days and week passes and have no clear answer from Asus. Please just tell me or send me a pm , take a look on my problem, i will be grateful.




  • @markosmiro105 Sorry to hear about the delays. I will follow up internally. I'll send you a PM as well.

  • Thank u so much for your time, i believe in Asus and zentalk team here does great job,

    Keep up the good work

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