Splitter compatibility. Is this safe to use?

CravenCraven Level 3
edited November 2020 in ROG Phone 3

I spoke to the seller and they said it's compatible with the ROG Phone 3. Should i trust them and this brand? I'm gonna be plugging in the included charging cable and Cetra type-C earphones on this. Here's what i worry about:

It is compatible but the hardware/chip in it isn't that well-optimized and might not charge the device properly or will give out crappy audio or both. I play PUBGM 8 hours straight on By-pass charging and i need an adapter that's reliable enough to keep up with the intense gaming. The reason for all this scrutiny is that there are other splitters like this one but none have worked/will work on the ROG Phone 3 so I'm kinda skeptical. What makes this brand so special?

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