How to project Asus Zenfone 7 Pro screen via projector?

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I connected my Asus Zenfone 7 Pro to a projector via a USB Type C hub to HDMI, but the screen won't project. My previous phone did this automatically.

Is this because this phone has a different type c port? If yes, is there a different way I can use to connect the phone to a projector?

Thank you!


  • It seem Zenfone 7 doesn't have hdmi out from his type c port. (From what i read in the forum)

    It could be done wirelessly.. but i tried the wireless display feature and it doesn't work..

    If asus fix this bug, i can use a wireless display adapter for your projector..

    I hope asus improve his software engineering team!

  • Are you saying ZF7 doesn't work with, let say, Google Chrome? What kind of wireless display are you referring too? Could it be your Samsung TV that you mentioned in another thread? I'm sure you will get it working eventually ;)

  • It is not compatible for sure with hdmi port.

  • Is there no alternative method to the usb type c to hdmi method for projecting my phone screen with a projector?

  • You should try a chromecast.. installed on the hdmi port of the projector..

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