Front camera video is always mirrored and not charging with other chargers

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When I take a video from the front camera, I would like it to be saved as I see it while recording. But instead it's stored mirrored. There's an option in the settings to prevent this for pictures but not for videos.

Also, I didn't have my Asus charger around. So, I tried to charge my phone with a Samsung phone and it stops charging after a minute or so. I can't always have my Asus Charger with me.

If there's a solution to both of the above concerns, please let me know


  • Hey,

    For 1st taken as feedback.

    For 2nd, you need to use ASUS charger as its always recommended to use the charger provided in the box. It doesn't mean other chargers won't work but others may have limited support.

  • I'd really like the Camera thing to be solved soon. If you buy an expensive smartphone like this, you'd expect the software to be decent.

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