Where are the updates for Zenfone 5?

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Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 5z were released at the same time. Please tell me why Zenfone 5z is still getting software updates? And for Zenfone 5, there have been no software updates for several months. Where is the justice ?


  • We're still waiting for that stable Android 10 😕

  • And I didn't talk about the A10, I basically asked a question. Where are the updates? At least security updates for A9. I know that there will be a robot response again. But I still hope that the developers will have at least a drop of conscience and they will respond in a human way. In addition, the fact is interesting for what reason 5z still receives updates and 5 does not. They came out at the same time, and not long ago it was said that the 5 series and the Max series are no longer podderdivayutsya updates. But I see the opposite. This is extremely unfair

  • No update we are all alone znfone 5 is dead

  • Have no doubt. I have long accepted that ASUS is not the company you can hope for. But I still want to hear the developers and get at least some reaction.. awaken the slightest sense of conscience in front of your customers

  • All that say waiting not more Asus big company small thinking sell forget brand

  • I agree. But as long as I use this product I will defend my rights

  • 如果華碩再不注重本來信用貴公司的產品使用者,消費者也會放棄再購買華碩新的產品,為什麼5z與5都是同系列產品更新就有不同,用5的就活該嗎?


  • There'll be no stable Android 10 for ZenFone 5Z. The last major is Pie.

  • We will continue to complain, we are customers and we deserve support. We need to send daily messages, demanding position from the developers. We haven't received security updates since June 1, 2020. It would be the least Asus! It's a shame!

    Pay as much attention as you give to your computers! I look forward to receiving Android 10 STABLE this year. I didn't pay dearly for a device that will let me down in less than 2 years!

  • Last security updates on the android 10 beta are from May, imagine that. That's a lousy support. I bought asus because I was used to the perceived quality of the motherboards. Never again!

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