Zenbook UM425IA 4700U, Bitlocker Recovery Issue

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  1. System: Windows 10 Home
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: Asus zenbook UM425IA (Ryzen 4700U, 16GB, 512GB SSD)
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Always
  5. Reset OS: None
  6. Screenshot or video: Screenshot


Detailed description:

After I bought it, I set it up with my microsoft account and after I start using it, most of the times (and now become always) after I shut it down, the system will turn off then turn back on (without me doing anything on the machine) and it goes to bitlocker recovery blue screen.

After this, I can do 2 things:

a. I look for the recovery key and then insert it, then it will boot again to WIndows (although it will took much longer than normal)

b. Press the power button for 10 seconds and force shutdown. When I turn back on, signing in to system is normal and quick

Then, I check my drive and it doesn't show that I has bitlocker on. I don't seems have any bitlocker apps anyway since the OS is Windows Home.

However, when I check Microsoft Office account, on my asus laptop, I click manage, and can see that it says Bitlocker is ON.

Overall, I can still use the laptop without any issue but it is tiring that everytime (almost) I turned off the machine, it will turn back on automatically then I have to force shut down the computer. It never happens when I boot the machine, it always happen after I shut down.

My question: Is there anyway to solve this problem? 

PS: I just debloat my windows and the system is pretty light and the temperature is getting much cooler now since the background process is less. One Drive is uninstalled as well. At the beginning when purchasing this laptop, if I put it in standard mode, the fan is keep throttling at full pace and the temp is at 80+ degree celcius. After debloat is became 40ish unless I have full load of excel, chrome, etc. However, after debloating windows, it doesn't change a thing for bitlocker recovery. I didn't debloat to cure the bitlocker issue anyway.

BIOS has been upgraded to

My Asus app


  • This is getting worse.

    Today after long hour of work and a bit late, I was shutting down the laptop and then wait for too few seconds to see if the laptop turn back on and goes into bitlocker recovery mode.

    However, I thought it was not turn back on by itself so I put it into the sleeves and into my bag.

    When I was driving, 30 mins from the office, I touch my bag and it is super hot. So I take out the sleeves and tried to take out the laptop but it was too hot to touch.

    Once I am able to throw the laptop out of the sleeves without touching it, the bitlocker screen was on, the fan going wild and everything was super hot.

    I really think Asus UM425 is a time bomb. This laptop is only about 2 weeks old but issues already happened. The sleep to wake sometimes also took forever or it won't wake up at all until I hard reset it.

    Feeling a remorse since my old X1 carbon is very solid and stable. Even I don't have to turn off the laptop with many excels and browser still on but when I close the lid, it really sleep and quick to wake without battery being too much drawn nor heat happened when it sleeps.

  • Finally, I decided to reset the laptop to factory settings.

    So, I remove all the files and rest the laptop to factory settings then I sign in again as before using my microsoft account. Once done, before anything else, I debloat windows to avoid the heat issue with so many processes in the background (it was initially the reason why I debloat windows when I just got this laptop 2 weeks ago, the previous bitlocker issues happened even before I debloat the windows anyway so I don't think debloating windows was the culprit anyway).

    After that, I reinstall all the apps that I need and right now trying to get all my files back from cloud.

    So far I have been trying to turn off and the previous issue has ceased. Hopefully it would be stable from now on but I will always worry due to what happened before.

    I tried the sleep function and so far, it can wake up much easier than before although several times I notice that the laptop doesn't really sleep with the fan kept spinning. So I won't trust the sleep function and won't put it into my bag while it sleeps.

  • Hello Robby,

    Please kindly send your device to service center for a more complete examination.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Thank you.

  • why can't your disable bit locker encryption.

    Booting with bit locker encryption is too slow but full safety but sometimes , disk leads to destroying datas

  • How to disable it? I can not find a way to do it and I have never enable bit locker.

    I just also realized one thing, the laptop has issues with waking up from sleep. Many times I can see the infrared for windows hello is blinking when I tried to wake it up but the screen is blank and nothing would happen.

    I have to keep typing on the keyboard or try to close the lid again. It was quite frustrating as it happens on daily basis although not everytime.

    I tried to disable the fast startup which seems to fix the wake up issue but then the bit locker issue came back (after I turn it off, the laptop will turn on by itself after few seconds to the bit locker screen}

    For now I have enable fast startup again which cure the bit locker issue but back with sleep to wake issues. Frustrating.

  • open powershell with admin rights then type the following line

    Disable-BitLocker -MountPoint "C:"

  • Just tried that:

    1. Do the powershell command that you told

    After that, I tried to turn off the fast startup option again then I shut down the laptop.

    However 5 seconds after I shut it down, the laptop turn back on by itself like before and go into the blue screen for Bitlocker. So, it doesn't work.

  • use group policy editor , whether bit locker is configured to enable or not

  • type below line in command prompt with admin rights. it's only available in professional edition


  • Anyway, if I don't turn off the fast startup, the bitlocker issue is done. After I shut down, it will not turn the laptop back on by itself.

    However, the annoying thing right now after sleep, sometimes to wake up the windows hello infra red is blinking but the screen is blank.

    I have tried to increase the v-ram manually but it doesn't fix the issue.

    In other article that I saw, Intel Management Engine need to be turned off and the wake from sleep issue is settled however I am using AMD and I don't know what is the equivalent for AMD

  • same problem with my laptop ... somehow bitlocker activates itself for Drive "D"... really annoying

  • You tried disabling encryption in Windows settings right?

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