A540L battery not charging, laptop now won't power up

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  1. System: Windows 10
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model: A540L
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Permanent
  5. Reset OS:
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:My wife's A540L stopped charging the battery but would run on the external supply. Checked the external supply and power all good. Battery appeared to be totally discharged so concluded it had probably died so bought a brand new replacement. Fitted that and the system reported the battery to be 45% charged, plugged in and 1 hour 45 mins to full charge. However, the battery didn't charge so tried some online solutions, such as battery out, power disconnected, power button held down for 60 seconds, uninstall and re-install battery drivers, etc. Nothing made any difference the the battery progressively dropped until it showed 0% and the laptop shut down. Now it won't start and does not acknowledge the supply being plugged in.

Is this correct? On most laptops they will run on the external supply without a battery but this seems to need a battery with some power in it to run? As the laptop doesn't charge the battery, is there any way I can charge the battery out of the laptop so I can at least get it to run for a while to get the data off the hard drive? As the laptop is only ever used indoors, it is an option to run it permanently from the external supply, can it be forced to do this by linking pins on the battery connector? Or do I just pull the hard drive and buy another laptop?


  • Can nobody tell me if this machine should run without a battery or how to charge the battery out of the laptop?

  • I suspect that battery circuit , gold slide plates are not properly , connected to laptop slot.

    battery connector on motherboard, battery terminals should checked properly with analog multimeter.

    type the following command in cmd with admin rights, upload the file .html file to google drive ,share the link

    PowerCfg.exe /ENERGY -output C:\Energy-Report10-10-2020.html /duration 240

  • I'm a retired radio and electronics engineer and have had the motherboard out to check for dry joints at the battery connectors, found none. In fact all the soldered joints on the motherboard appear fine. Checking the voltages at the battery connector shows that the motherboard doesn't appear to be supplying power to the battery although there is power at the supply socket.

    As it won't boot, due to the flat battery, I can't type any command......

    Should it be possible for it to run solely from the external supply or does it need to have a battery there? Any chance of finding a circuit diagram anywhere?

  • You are electronics engineer, so I can't say anything.

    but I seen one video,

    as per the Microsoft document, laptop can boot without battery work for few minutes but AC power adapter must be connected to laptop, in that document Microsoft does not include the compatible model laptops.

  • That's exactly what I'm talking about. Every laptop I have ever owned or used, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Dell, Toshiba, Advent, MSI and various others will all run from the external supply with no battery fitted. I've often removed one battery when fully charged and fitted another to charge it without powering the laptop off. Maybe because they have all had removable batteries but this Asus has an internal, non-removable, battery. Not without opening the machine up anyway, but it uses the same battery connections, it just isn't supposed to be user accessible. I would still expect it to run with the battery disconnected, it's no different to having a fully discharged battery surely?

  • Hello rgilbert07,

    Please kindly send your device to service center for a complete examination.

    Thank you.

  • It's about 4 years old so no longer under warranty and isn't worth spending money on it. It's only a low spec, entry level, laptop that was barely capable of running Windows 10, even though that's what it came loaded with. As nobody has been able to answer my questions, like, should it be possible to run without a battery installed, how can I charge the battery out of the machine and can I get a circuit diagram for it so I can test the charging circuit myself, I'll be pulling the SSD I installed rather than the pathetically slow 5,400 rpm hard drive it came with originally and putting it in the dustbin.

    I've come to the conclusion that rather than buying a new, cheap laptop it's far better to spend the same amount of money on a second hand, high spec, well built laptop.

  • As the question hasn't been answered and it seems nobody on here actually understands the hardware, the A540L has now been replaced. For the same money as a brand new, entry level, low spec laptop, it's been replaced with a 4 year old, ex corporate, Lenovo W540. i7 processor, 16Gb RAM, Nvidia graphics, 15.6" full HD display, DVD re-writer and a 500Gb SSD. Blindingly fast, built like a battleship (Carbon Fibre chassis) so no flexing and twisting of the base or screen and , best of all, didn't come loaded with bloatware, 30 day free trials of software I'll never use or added 'bonuses' that manufacturers seem to think we all want, just an empty SSD all ready for a nice clean install of Win 10.

    Sorry Asus, but it's goodbye from me.

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