too much heating even on light use

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Noticing this after the latest update. Battery drain is also more.


  • Can you share some more information for us? What light use means in this scenario, the reported system temp etc.

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    Please share your latest firmware version Rog 2 is on?

    Coz .47 latest security patch bought a bug which forced CPU to spike and that was causing a battery drain alot soon after a week again ROG 2 got a new version .49 where this battery drain issue caused by system was fixed and now users are experiencing good no battery drain for normal use as well as backup

    If you are on .47 please check system update manually if you havent received any new FOTA

    To check system update manually follow this steps :-

    Settings>system>system update>check for update

    As FOTA are released in batches so it may take some time please wait or else try checking manually as mentioned above if you still dont recieve any update than try downloading firmware file manually from asus website and place it in internal memory and restart note it should not be placed in any root folder it must be clearly a seperate file in internal memory and just restart you will see a notification showing update available and than just install and you are done 👍


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