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    amitgrade You are thinking wrong. 25.01.2020 The battery has been changed. So I have about eight months old battery. Battery drop rate is not just between 90-100. It's a new battery, but it still has around 4 hours of screen use. Moreover, even though I am not playing a game. The charge drop is pretty fast at all levels.

  • Install the Accubattery program. Plug it into a five percent level charge. With the program open, watch the charge status. The green LED blinks and the phone will continue charging for approximately 45-50 minutes even after the battery is full. This is the fast charging scam from Asus.

  • In other words, the phone is fully charged in 130-140 minutes in total.

  • Hi all

    After checking, the battery percentage on the screen and in the battery can not be 100% equal even in the ideal scenario or the brand new battery, the gap of the both side can be 1-4% difference. As time passes, the situation will become more obviously due to the battery aging. In that moment, the readjustment from the gauge will have an acceptable behavior which results situations like battery jump or percentage difference in 5 %. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

    Besides, please refer to the screenshot below as the battery testing from my device.

    *2 years old-ZenFone 5Z, Android 10 V99. Normally I use the device for device testing yet seldom turn it off.

    **Charged over night to 100%, playing Youtube with 0% volume and 100% screen brightness

  • Also check power saving mode from mobile manager it doesn't work as it should

    After device kept lock for sometime it should go to sleep after 15 min or an hour and silent the notifications from coming, but what i see is notifications keep ringing continously from whatsapp,snapchat etc

    Can you look into this ?? @Christine_ASUS

  • Hi amitgarde3 

    Thank you for your reply. Can you provide me the screenshot of your battery saving settings so that I can test my device in the same condition? Settings>Battery>PowerMaster>Battery-saving options

  • This is battery saving settings m using👆👆

    Also check with super clean coz i feel it is unstable always i see 3 gb of ram is always used from 6gb is it normal?

  • Hi amitgarde3

    Thank you for your reply. For the Power Saving question,

    1. Do you encounter the issue with mobile data or the WiFi?

    2. Do you have the same issue before in previous firmware? Do the mobile data and the WiFi both close before while you are in previous firmware?

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    I encounter issue with mobile data ( where power saving mode turned ON, mobile data does not disable temporary when device sleeps after locking device for more than 15 mins)

    So notifications keep coming in power saving mode which eats more background battery i feel

    Yes In previous firmware mobile data use to disable temperory when device kept lock for more than 15 mins thats how it should work when device is set to power saving mode

    In previous firmware wifi use to remain active even if device sleeps and still behaves same in .99 so no issues with wifi

    You can read this 👇

    Check by sending whatsapp messege or snapchat when device sleeps, After kept locked for more than 15 mins

    keep power saving mode turned ON and you will notice there a bug with power saving mode

    Phone will notify when in sleep 🙄 @Christine_ASUS

  • Yes i also experienced some of these battery indicator issues on my zenfone 5z. Hope it gets fixed. Also fast charging has killed my battery capacity to only 60% of the original rating. So asus din't implement tickle charging to save battery.

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    Hi amitgarde3 & mytechshout07

    Thank you for your reply. I have forwarded the information of "Power saving" to the relevant department. We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.

  • Thanksalot for your support always ! I noticed powersaving mode works great with my zenfone 2,zenfone 3 zoom,zenfone 3 as well which are on older android versions but 5z doesnt work same as other devices so thats clearly a bug hope for fix Asap thanks

    Have a great day!

  • No news for an update yes? Two months from now we got a buggy patch that drains battery like hell and even overheating issue. Seems that they fix some problems and bring others to life

  • Dont worry next update is mostly focused on battery issues and few major bug fixes

    And about last update it was just a security patch n a serious single game genie bug fix because of various internal reasons which i cannot disclose it here,

    but m preety sure next update will bring smile to numerous faces

    Stay tuned n safe 😜

  • Hi amitgarde3 & mytechshout07

    I just tested "Power saving" this afternoon with my device, mobile data on/WiFi off, and the function seems working properly. I had placed the device in rest for an hour and sent messages via Whapsapp and Messenger, the device had zero responds with the messages. Once I opened the screen, the mobile data started to work again and receiving messages.

  • I again checked with my device after factory data reset i followed your same steps but i get responses from device to every messege sent from whatsapp it seems powersaving sometimes works properly but sometimes doesnt

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    Hi amitgarde3

    Thank you for your reply. I tested the procedure this morning again, and Power Saving works properly. Are you willing to provide me the logs and the video of recording the logging process (only need procedure duplicating part in 3-5 minutes) for further checking? If so, please pm me the logs.

    *Duplicating Procedure: Open *Power saving>turn on mobile data+turn off the WiFi>put the device in rest for one hour>sent message via Whatsapp and Messenger

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