[5Z] Minor and major battery issues!



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    Haha, yes, tested it and confirmed.

  • now I understand this clearly. My next phone will not be Asus. I think Asus company works for this too !!!

  • Yes. Let's hope together now. What are we waiting? Of course the Asus gods give us a proper update

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    Hi friends

    First of all, for testing percentage jumps up while charging, I will check with relevant team and further reply.

    Second, as sidarya31 mentioned above, my device warns me at 5%/15% properly. For battery drain, the battery performance seems ok for me. I put my device in V99 overnight for 17 hours, not in Safe Mode, PUBG in the background and Wi-Fi on, the battery drain from 100% to 97%. Besides, there is power user reported in ZH community that V99 is more battery saving than V92.

    As I had discussed with some users before, you may provide me some main point/apps version you recognize the battery drain for further checking. Please report to apps' developer first and check if there is any specific app caused the issue. Furthermore, comparing battery drain in different Android version can be a little unaccurate since

    1. The last time the users used Android 8 or Android 9 should be long time ago, indicating battery aging

    2. New Android version will always have some new functions added from previous Android version, causing slightly more on battery usage.

  • 10/16 update:

    I just tested the battery usage (1) from 100% to 90% and (2) from 3% to 0% this morning with max brightness+youtube video loud volume playing, which are set to drain the battery faster.

    1. 100% - 94%: 25 min

    2. 100% - 90%: 45 min

    3. 3% - 0%: 25 min

    I will check with the relevant team weather the performance above is a normal behavior or not. To my knowledge, sometimes prolonging the battery usage on low battery percentage is a special UX design because some people neglect to charge their phones till the last minute.

  • Those who are facing heavy drain do these steps -

    1. Disable all apps auto restart. (From Mobile Manger)

    2. Use Super Clean Mode and check apps which you need to super clean (this'll force stop the apps and will disable notification). Personally I don't care about notification. 🤣

    3. Restrict apps background usage. This has to be done per app basis.

    4. Don't use your phone with Full Brightness and don't use Auto Brightness sensor and Auto Colour Temperature. (You can too disable all sensors)

    5. Uninstall Facebook and Messenger app these two apps are one of the biggest culprit. Don't use heavy apps use lite apps.

    6. Don't listen music in Full sound with Stereo Speakers Or watch In full brightness. (Remember YouTube will eat battery charge because it's an online service).

    7. Time to time clear the app caches (same can be done from Mobile Manager). Do clear unnecessary files from your phone's Storage too.

    8. Uncheck all the unnecessary permission especially "usage Access permission". Don't use 3rd party apps which are made to run all the time. Keep that stop too. (You have to manage these apps yourself).

    9. Don't keep the phone in low coverage area. If the network strength is > -120dbm then keep the network to flight mode possibly.

    10. Don't let the phone get warm or hot. Use it wisely. Don't let the battery go low more than 15% and if possible don't over charge it. Use schedule charging if your want to charge the phone overnight. (Ask @sidarya31 how to use Schedule Charging properly and how awesome this feature is).

    And last but not the least Decrease Your Phone Usage. Let the phone rest a bit more. 😜😜


    I know I Know Last one is too much asking for you. But do it. 😒 no pun intended. 😝

    Please add more steps (if someone want) to save the battery charge and help others. 😄

    @amitgarde3 @aamod.v8 @sidarya31 @BrunoF20

    @ander0727 @CH_ASUS

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    I always recommend all to use Schedule charging overnight, specifically for those who r facing huge battery drainage, it really save battery from degradation. This feature is the best of best till date. I'll look forward for this feature on my future phone.

  • ++ Settings>Battery>PowerMaster>Battery Mode>Switch by schedule

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    Indirectly you are saying dont use any of the features 5z has 🙄😅.....!! Except schedule charging 🤪

    Limiting daily usage of some capable hardware for users is not solution here ! I feel battery optimisations with flagship hardware is all required and should be necessarily done 😁

    Yes this is useful feature though but i expect battery charge limit should be added to 5z with Zenui 7 which will boost up some battery life for 5z 😉 @Christine_ASUS


  • I gave Temporary solution. 😝 Just forgot to mention that. 😅

  • Hi friends

    For battery percentage jumps up while charging, does the issue only occur in low battery scenario? If so, it is a normal behavior of battery charging while in the low battery, triggering from the switching charging current which is a battery protect mechanism in low battery.

    I already tested what Debasish Sahoo had mentioned, yet my device battery performs properly in 70%-80%. Please check your battery performance. For more related information, kindly refer to the links below



  • I agree mam we need just a battery fix update so that we can get more SOT in comparison to what we get now :)

    Thank you mam :)

  • Trying to restart my device in 3% battery it doesn't try to restart at all, just say its battery is fully discharged.

    3% battery is more than enough for a restart, as a restart uses less than 1%, it can indicate failure on % reading.

  • Please avoid to use the battery in low battery percentage, which is very harmful for the battery. If the battery is aging and damaged, it will have unexpected situation.

    Plus, as I mentioned, if the battery percentage hits low battery, e,g. 20%, Battery Charging IC will switch the charging current.

  • Hi Debasish Sahoo

    As I mentioned above on 15thOct and 16thOct, I already did several battery testing yet I didn't notice specific battery faulty in V99.

    If you have any concern with the battery performance, please provide me testing video/figure with the two firmware versions.

  • The issue comes since the first 10Q FW, didn't start from v99.

  • Hello @Christine_ASUS.

    I guess @BrunoF20 wants to say that the problem is with Android 10 rather than ZenUI 6 (.99) version.

  • Kindly check my reply, the third paragraph, on 15th Oct.

    I am not placing difficulties on the users, gaining no good for me personally. While I already explain my viewpoint, you may convince me to report the issue to the relevant team with a reasonable figure or evidence.

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