Heating issue and battery performance degraded after 17.0240.2009.49 update

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After latest update my phone is heating so much after the latest update. I use my phone very minimal now a days as now phone is not performing like it was performing around 7 months back.

Phone heats up so much after just 20 minutes of instagram or chrome that it becomes unbearable to keep it in my hand and battery performance is also degraded.

As i mentioned that my phone usage became very minimal, i was needed to charge every 2nd day but now i have to charge everyday.

And one more thing when I sleep at night i put my phone to mute and mobile data and wifi off but still when i wake up and check my phone sometimes my battery drops about 30-40 percent and thats a huge drop when phone is idle.


  • Nope not facing any of this

    Do a clean factory reset to see the problem still exists or not.

    In this update battery drain is fixed(turning off mobile data/wifi for the whole night)

  • Well if you are not facing anything you are lucky.

    I cannot do factory reset everytime if some issue is occured. I am just fed-up that something is wrong just factory reset the phone. The only solution they have first factory reset then see if the issue is still present. This is not possible everytime, instead they can provide optimized software support but they are failing.

  • Actually what I do is whenever a new update arrives.

    First I wait for the user review , then I wait for the full firmware to come on the website

    Then I update it and do a full factory reset

    then again restore my previous data

    yes its a boring process and asus software optimizaion and support is not going well so far.

  • Hi,

    If you don't want to factory reset you can visit the service center for quick solution.

    This is not seen on every ROG Phone 2.

    Due to the lockdown, service centers may not be functional. Kindly call the service center before you visit one.


  • Yes even I am facing heating and battery issues. I cannot factory reset it after every update. I feel cheated. After paying such an amount, the company cannot even provide stable updates. They boasted about 6000mAh and I only get 3 hours of screen on time on their so called 6000mAh battery. I am fed up with it. I purchased it a year ago. I don't know how bad the updates will eventually become.

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