Battery Charged too fast? or Degraded?

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG Phone 2 12GB RAM 512GB Global
  2. Firmware Version: latest .17.0240.2009.490
  3. Rooted or not: No
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: -
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):-

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


My 10 months old ROG Phone 2

(Updated: Charged from 0% to 100% only takes 50minutes, so that means my battery reduce half just in 10 months??)

charge from 9% to 71% in 21min, is that even normal? (30W charger)

And I feel the battery life is like 4000mah

normally if im playing a heavy game without X mode, it's around 20% per hour

I always use Battery Care since the first day i got it, usually keep battery not lower than 20-30% before charge it,

sometime below 20% but no less than 8% (very rare i go that low)

and usually charged at 80%, or go to 100% on battery care timer before I leave to work.

Also I usually keep it away from warm place, battery temperature during charging is 39-41 no more than 41c

and 37c during gaming, I know heat is the main reason battery dies fast, so I always keep it as good as possible

but then it can fully charged within an hour, I heard that a normal rog phone 2 with 30w fully charged time is 1hour 40mins+

thats HUGE difference compare to mine...

Standby drain:

4G Data enabled

Wifi Enabled

Bluetooth off

Location off

3%/h if no mistake,

I will GSam Battery monitor from now on and watch closely

Also one thing I would like to say:

Normally it's bad to always charge battery at 100%, but when battery hits 100%, If i let it plugged, for maybe a 10 more minutes. unplug it and use it maybe facebook or some tasks, battery indicator remain 100% lasts for quite a long time (10-20minutes at 100%) before it starts to go down.

is this also normal?


  • I've never let my phone fully drain at 0% until phone shuts off (because it is bad for battery)

    Should I try fully drain my battery and do a full charge and count the time?

    if it really charged at 1 hour or less, that means BAD right? :/

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    What is your battery care settings? The closer it is together, the faster it will charge for you.

    Have you looked at auto start manager and also look for apps that can be battery optimized in the battery menu?

  • I set 9pm start time and 7am end time, so from 9pm onwards, anytime i start plugging my phone, ot will charge and stop at 80%, then usually charged from 80% around 6am to 100% on 7am

    I have stopped every start up app

    Btw i play Among Us , this game drains 10%per hour, it just a lite game but drains 10% per hour, really ??, Phone is not even warm at all

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    Do you lose 10% per hour when not playing Among Us? Or is it that 3% you mentioned which is the standby drain?

    What refresh rate do you use?

    I would give safe mode a try to see if you lose the same amount of percentage.

  • Nope

    Standby loses 2.7%/h my latest monitor result

    10%/h is playing Among US (120hz i forgot to change it)

    Perfect World Mobile game is 21%/h (60hz )

    Normally on home screen i use 120hz,

    If game support higher than 60fps i will use 120hz

    Among US was 30fps, i forgot to turn it back down 60hz , which is 10%/h

    I will try safemode and report back

  • Standby drain, at 120hz

    I will try safemode and report back

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    I tried to use phone until it shuts then do a one full cycle charge from 0 to 100 to count charging time

    but the very last 1% lasts ridiculously long, it's been 24mins and it's still going,

    120hz, full brightness, playing a youtube video, wifi/ 4G data is enabled

    is that normal ?

    or should I stop now? (since fully deplete battery is bad for battery)

    or is it fine i just do it once for a full cycle charge ?

    Edit: 36mins now still going

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    What's your screen on time?

    For these kind of things, it is hard to measure as it varies from users to users.

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    it's always ON since 11%, never screen off until 1% and it's still ongoing,

    since it hits 1% and going for another 45mins, still on going

    after that I will capture detail statistic form GSAM monitor for battery life

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    It's 1hour 38min since 1% and it's still going with screen never off, 120hz, full brightness + playing YouTube video

    why is that 1 % last so long? battery indicator miss calculated thats why I always have the "short battery life"?

    Edit: it finally shuts off, that 1% lasted for 2hours 23mins

    Im charging it from 0 to 100 and see how much total charging time, hopefully it is around 1hour 40mins.

    Edit2: Phone charged from 0 to 100 way too fast.. only takes 50min with 30w charger.

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    There's couple of points regarding the last couple of percentage. The phone will go into battery save mode by default, unless you have turned this off already.

    Constantly using 120hz will definately drain the battery, so I would go for 90hz as your daily driver to see if that has any impact on how long you use the phone.

    It will be good to show a screenshot of the Battery menu.

    I would perform a factory reset to see if that addresses the problem. This should iron out any software problems.

    If that doesn't address the issue and if the phone feels like it has degraded from 6000mah, then I will suggest visiting service centre.

  • hi, just a little update, after fully charged at 100% in 50mins, i decided to let it remain plugged until 1 hour 40min

    after that, I start to use the phone, straight open the game "Perfect World Mobile" at high graphic setting, 40fps

    continuously play the game, that 100% lasts for a total 1h 25m game time before start going down to 99, 98...

    that looks like battery capacity seems still fine, but the indicator miscalculated

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Sounded like battery needs calibration, which is what you have done.

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