Zenfone 7 Huge problem with camera, latest Sept Update 29.13.7. 24



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    It was not good, there was too much contrast before. Read the DXOmark review and observ the pictures they took. There was artificial sharpness and the blacks was obstructed. I think that Charles took his pictures in a not well lighten room. That's why his face look smooth too smooth.

  • Hi @Anders_ASUS i sent you a PM asking you how I can fedex my phone to an asus service center, im waiting for your reply because my zenfone 7 camera motor is not working anymore

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    hi @Anders thanks for sending me the asus hong kong email. I contacted them and I gave them my phone serial number. They replied that my phone is not being sold officialy in the middle east there fore I should contact europe ASUS or INDIAN asus to have the camera motor fixed.

    I dont get it?

    The phone is from hong kong and they told me they dont have the spare parts to fix it?

    @Anders Its been a struggle witrh this phone you know.

    HUGE struggle.

    Please help me

    ANYBODY help me

  • @Charles Rollon why don't you just contact the guys from where you bought the device?? They should provide you the information on how/where to repair it, since they sold it to you!

  • Nope warranty is not covered with them when i bought

  • Why did you even buy this phone if it's not available in your country and you don't even have warranty?

  • Because i loved the concept of the phone. Thought it was great

  • Hi @Anders_ASUS i sent u a pm

  • Hi @Anders_ASUS

    Hi Anders. I received instructions from Asus hong kong.

    After 2 weeks of talking to ASUS via email.

    I am speaking to a representative named GT LEE and DOMINIC YEUNG.

    After giving me their hong kong address.

    I have informed them that I have sent the phone thru dhl in their service center.

    They said ok.

    Now my phone is in hong kong and they rejected to fix it.

    They said they need a person to write in their forms to fix the phone.

    I asked DOMINIC YEUNG to give authorization to fix it as he knows my situation.

    They called DHL hong kong to return it and rejected it citing the reason is "it doesnt belong to us"

    Dominic Should have told me in the beginning that I cannot send the phone to HONG KONG via DHL.

    I keep telling Hong Kong I cannot fly to them because their country is closed. They want me to bring the phone myself.

    Frustrating is a work not even enough to describe the entire situation.

    Please help me.

  • Anyways. I give up. The phone is in their service center in hong kong they returned it thru DHL to me. They wanted a physical person.

    They could not make an excemption for me.

    I told them i cant fly to them because hong kong is closed due to pandemic.

    Its really tough Anders.

    It was quite an experience with this phone.

    Bought it,

    after 2 weeks Asus decided to make a zombie face for selfies

    Due to me fiddling with the phone I unlocked the bootloader

    GPAY became unusable

    Erased all my precious photos

    Found out whatsapp and instagram and facebook uses the wideangle cropped lens.

    My camera flipped motor stopped working on its own.

    Sent to hong kong only to be told they would not fix it.

    Numerous Emails to everybody.

    I currently bought a Samsung Note 20 Ultra.

    I give up now with ASUS.

    I admit defeat now.

    It was quite a learning experience.

    An expensive one I have to say.

    Thanks to every one who helped me Including you @Anders_ASUS

    Goodluck on everyone nobody deserves what I went thru.

    Zenfone 8 pro, hopefully will do us right 👍

    Bye Zenfone.

  • Goodbye Charles

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    This is the type of service you get when you buy a Asus phone. Spread the words, tell your friends and families. Hope you learned a big lesson and never ever buy an Asus product in your life again.

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    This phone is not even sold in his country. What kind of service do you expect?

    And as Charles said himself, he doesn't even have warranty

  • @Tagion thank you for all you hostile comments TAGION since the start of this thread from all the multiple problems I had with this phone, your hostile comments have been really helpful. I may not have the warranty but I am willing to pay for the repair cost. Anyways you dont need to reply any more really.

    By the way @Anders_ASUS, the hong kong asus team have lost my mobile phone. At first they accepted it, then now they are saying they refused to accept it from the beginning. However DHL courier service said that ASUS hongkong kept the phone.

    Asus, i lost tons of money already, and now the phone itself is lost. I cant believe this anymore 🤣

    In the spirit of humanity, i hope asus has a heart and anyone of you guys there try to help a customer who have loved your phone sincerely.

    But i know things would have been different if I was a tech blogger. But since im just a normal person, nobody would step out of the box and truly help me.

    Guys goodluck to all of you. Bye ASUS.

  • I don't get how my comments were hostile towards you?

    I expressed my opinion about the front camera quality regarding smoothed out and sharp pictured (as you're not the only ZF7 user, do you seriously think ASUS will change their camera system because YOU have problems with it?).

    I criticized you because you bought a phone which is not sold in your country, which is just a really bad idea in general.

    If you can't stand getting opinions and criticism, then don't create a public thread.

  • @Anders_ASUS Sir Anders, the phone now is officially missing. There is a guy in ASUS hong kong service center (his name is Dominic Yeung) who said they accepted the phone by the staff, and DHL confirmed that to me.

    Now, ASUS hong kong is saying that they "DONT" have the mobile phone and they refused to accept it in the first place.

    DHL is saying ASUS hong kong "still" has the phone.

    @Anders_ASUS please help me find out where is my phone.

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