Zenfone 7 Huge problem with camera, latest Sept Update 29.13.7. 24



  • Anybody knows where I can get this fixed in the UAE? or how? And mind you guys today is my birthday 😅 and I spent the entire day extremely frustrated about this phone. Attached are videos.

  • Sorry to hear that the camera is broken. This has nothing to do with the FW. Just bad luck.

    Since we're not selling ZenFone 7 in your country, you need to contact the dealer which you bought it from and ask for their help to get it repaired.

  • @Anders_ASUS the phone did not fall on the floor or did I force the camera. I was just in the options of changing the sound of the camera flip. Its not even taking a picture. All I can say is OH MY GOD. Is there anyway that I can send this via fedex to an asus service center?

  • My guess is that it's from Hong Kong. I don't remember but I think it's possible to ship it to them if you agree to pay for the shipping back as well. This is because they normally only repair phones inside HK. You can send you Serial Number to me in a PM if you want me to look up where it came from. But my suggestion is to ask the dealer for help first.

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    This exact over sharpening camera issue (zombie face) was also discussed in several YouTube reviews and forums in Taiwan including Asus's own zentalk https://zentalk.asus.com/zh/discussion/37920/zenfone-7-pro-%E4%BA%BA%E5%83%8F%E7%85%A7%E7%89%87%E5%A4%B1%E7%9C%9F%E7%B2%97%E7%B3%99%E5%95%8F%E9%A1%8C/p1

    The Asus support there mostly play the same ignorant card regarding this issue.

    The general consensus seems to be that there is noone at the mobile engineering team who understands photography and coding at the same time. So it's almost impossible for Asus to further fine-tune the camera.

  • Your explanation makes the most sense to me. And I am deeply frustrated as my camera motor stopped working for no reason

  • Its a really sad situation, as I feel like when I talk to asus about the zombie face issue they seem like not to really care and listen. They acknowledge but they say they wont do anything.

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    I'm guessing they just don't know "how" to.

    The fact that they are not bringing this phone to more markets such as US could mean it's not selling very well. So there's is less incentive for them to put in more resources to tune their device.

    It's indeed a sad situation, but we sort of already know that the quality we will be getting from an Asus phone is mediocre at best.

    I started from a Zenfone 2, and bought every subsequent iteration after that and sadly after 5 years, software is still Asus's weakest link. I guess they can justify by saying they are always selling it cheaper than comparable phones from other Android Mfg.

  • Can anybody in the ASUS team help me and tell me where I can ship my zenfone 7 pro via feDex or DHL to get fixed? I AM DESPARATE. MY CAMERA IS broken for no reason at all.

  • Selfie camera seems to be better on the latest update ( ). Sharpness and contrast level seem to be lower than before, that's good.

    I dont have any comparison point so please tell me whether you see the same improvement.

  • I don't know how he will do a comparison because his camera is not working.

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    My camera motor is broken so I have to manually flip my camera to the front with my finger. It broke while I was changing the flip sound within the camera app setting I did not force it whatsoever. I am asking for help from @Anders_ASUS on how to get this phone FedEx 'd to asus service center as it is u fixable in the UAE and believe me I have had my fair share of frustrations with this phone and have spent alot of money only to have this kind of experience.

    Anyways I am glad to confirm the following :

    First picture is Version without beauty mode - as known as ZOMBIE face which is high contrast and highly unflattering and when I first raised this issue everybody was telling me from ASUS that there is nothing wrong with their camera and that their camera is great. I also experienced some backlash from some members of this group saying that there is nothing wrong with my face. This is The one that I have been complaining about since October.

    The second picture is from the latest version without beauty mode. And now it seems the asus team have listened to my concerns. Which is great.

    I am glad Asus is making progress. But I have highly suffered wihh the experience since October. I hope they can make more improvements.

    Especially taking a photo directly from whatsapp and Instagram will produce the zombie face again by using the telephoto cam, I hope they sort that out

    Any comments from @aLc @veeharish2005

  • Did u see my latest post?

  • The first picture looks way better in my opinion. The second looks just looks like a typical smoothed out front cam from any budget phone

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    Yes @Tagion you'ved already expressed that you prefer faces with high contrast and sharpness and nothing is wrong with that. And i have also gotten comments from other people in this group saying that the second pic looks like a plastic and over filtered. But do trust me when I say that the second photo is not a budget phone quality because when zenfone 7 pro takes photos really well, it does so in high quality.

    But Im glad ASUS has brought back the option to beautify the photo but not like huawei or in samsung levels, which will look overdone. I hope Asus will open these types of options for customers and not force people to like GCAM because that is what they are trying to liken the ASUS camera. If this is too much for you, then you dont need to upgrade to the latest firmware, so you can stay with faces with high detail,contrast and sharpness.

  • Wtf Asus?! Coming from a guy that shoots photos as a hobby, but using a full frame mirroless for that...I can say that the second picture looks totally unrealistic and more like a barby doll plastic face...Look at the hair...

    Anyway, I hope that Asus team manages to fix this in a proper way that suits more people than one... Maybe Asus should make a poll with how the selfies should look like. Or discuss with a team that does that for a living (maybe dxomark or some other team that really knows how a picture should look like - no offence here Asus...).

    In my opinion not the selfie was the issue, but wrong white balance on 2 out of three cameras...and camera quality on 3rd party apps. I am not sure who says Charles looks better on the second picture, but for me it looks totally worse, over processed and un-naturally. If this was a picture I would have to use , I would totally take another one...


  • The second picture of Charles looks weird, that's true. However that is also true that pictures before the last update was bad, too much contrast and oversharpening. When i take selfie my skin is not as smooth as Charles one in the 2nd picture : it looks realistic, between the 1st and the 2nd one.

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    Yeah... No. The second picture looks like it was taken on a 2010 budget smartphone. The detail in the first photo it's what it should look like, not this smoothed out mess.

    I didn't pay this much to have a barbie looking front cam without the option to disable it. Before that, you could at least switch on the beauty mode to make it smoother. Now you either have a bad/no detail or even more smoothness/zero detal option with beauty mode. Please go back with this change as it was perfect before this update.

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