Can't charger zenfone 5z

andrianeka45andrianeka45 Level 1
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I got myself charger bug, 9 pm still working but when 3 or 4 am when update system automatically my charging got connected and disconnected until my battery drain until 50%


  • Hi andrianeka45

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly try some stay-at-home troubleshooting tips below:

    1. Change the adaptor and the cable.

    2. Clean the debris off the port with compress air can.

    The issue could cause by various reasons, a common reason is the battery port had too many debris, so that the port keep detect debris or moisture.

    3. Put the device with the dehumidifier for a day.

    4. Bring the device back to Repair Center for battery checking. Please contact ASUS repair center in the country of your residence:

    If it is impossible to access the service center during Covid-19 period, please try Call us:

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