Zenfone 5 Android 10

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What time android 10 is coming? We wait for better camera, better battery life and new android versions. Since one year.


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    Sto aspettando anch'io.

    Zenfone 5 Android 10

    Si sa quando?

  • I'm starting to believe that never will be released. Sadly, but true... I'm stuck in the beta android 10 have issues with speaker, call app and camera never has the splendour once before... Shame...

    Hopefully I'm thinking wrong way...

  • Please get this done as I can place manual installation of Zen there, facing a lot of issues with Android 5

  • you need to understand, 10 will not be on zenfone 5. This phone is not interesting for Asus. For the future, think well whether to buy Asus or another smartphone from a more sane manufacturer.

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    Asus won't be doing mid range phones anyways now I guess

    They said they'll only focus on Flagship Zenfones and Rog phones now (phone launches) and that's probably true as their last major mid range releases were way back in 2018

  • There is a lot of competition among mid-range smartphones. Asus will soon come to the conclusion that it is time to close the Zenfone line of production altogether

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    I don't think so flagship Zenfones and Rog phones have been doing pretty good and the fact they are unique set them aside from the countless other phones in the market

    Plus the new Zen ui 7 is currently the one of the best in industry right now (XDA editor in chief named it as one of his personal favorites)

    Zen ui 7 is the perfect combination between features, aesthetics and following aosp design as far as possible

    I'm personally using a Zenfone 5z right now and the 2yrs+ I've owned it I'm pretty much satisfied with the phone overall,good thing is it's still getting updates bimonthly (got September patch by mid September)

  • Actually, we DO need Android 10. Because ZenUI 5 is horrible in terms of daily usage.

    Well, I know we won't be getting android 10, but this doesn't change the fact we need ZenUI 6 (or 7 if it was possible)

  • We have to keep waiting, I assume..

  • 7 zenfone didn't seem interesting to me. When I buy a new smartphone, I'm not sure that I will take Asus for the fourth time.

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    To each his own then I guess :)

    I personally loved the flip camera design and the phone overall

    My next phone will probably be a Asus Zenfone again I guess

  • Zenfone 5 will not have an official version of Android 10 in the future

    Only Android 10 AOSP

  • Unfortunately, this is not news. Asus is not the first time to deceive users. You need to look for alternative OS

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