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Today I updated the fix on my rog 2, but even after that the cpu temperature is so high, screen blacked out while playing games even at low graphics, can't even play a game with low graphics on this gaming phone:(

Please help me and tell if anyone else also facing this same issue🥺


  • mine is perfectly fixed.need to adk the dev.

  • For screen black out i did had once face the issue. I factory reset 2 days back and it is fine till now. If it doesn't work after factory reset. You should take it to service center no other option. Till now my phone is ok after i factory reset but in future if it occur again then i ll definitely take it to service center.

  • It is better to take it to service center before your warranty is over so that they won't charge for the damaged hardware or whatever it is.

  • Watch the photo at atleast 60 to 70 percent brightness, you'll find that the Black crush soo severe ,This is the level of black crush after the update,trust me I don't have the proof of how black crush looked in the 2007.27 update but I can tell you that it was way better

    I want my 2007.27 update back @Gustav_ASUS please I am regretting this update please I am begging you please help me roll back to 2007.27

    Do watch the photos at aleast 60 to 70 percent brightness you'll find the black crush soo severe

    Please anyone help me get back to 2007.27 update🥺

    I don't care about security patch and other stuff


  • Hi, have sent you a PM to share details.

    Please share, closing this thread.

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