No drop, just put the case on two weeks ago. In that situation, can I ask my seller for an exchange?

Helo ;PuweYHelo ;PuweY Level 2
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I know this case is not good for protection, but I bought it new just for the aesthetics.

But it bothers me, that this case isn't one month old and broke by itself even without any drop.

I already wrote my seller and sent him pictures...waiting for a response, because even for the regular price...I hoped at least that it would last a little longer and I am inviting an exchange as it was not my fault.

I can inform you if the seller ( reacts.


  • Just a little update if anyone has a seller who doesn't want to exchange or doesn't want to take it back, my seller already contacted me and informed me to refund this case. I was surprised that it went so smooth and as far I have my money back, I will order a new Neon Case. Still...the case looks very nice, but the Quality isn't very solid.

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