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  • Yes so? You can replace rog too only in some isolated cases replacement application gets rejected

    Many here on this forum too has replaced units

    And that's a OnePlus support guy he doesn't have the exact information, a moderators word is way more legible as he has direct connection to developers and the company so his words will have more value than a support representative like the ones on my asus,social media etc

  • Then whatever you are talking about here doesn't mean anything.

    There is no replacement policy by Asus for customers facing the black crush issue.

    While OnePlus have one.

    Stop spreading misinformation. Some might think you are lying too.

    Can I get a replacement or not ?

    Let me guess, you don't know. You are just trying to defend a point no matter what.

    Lot of high refresh rate phones from all brands are facing the issue.. you are right there.

    But also, all those brands are providing a solution for them. And I don't see any solution from asus. Black crush is not a screen feature that I wanted.

    There is a fault with the display and we are been told that it's normal.

    It's not new normal. This is serving a bad food at a restaurant and waiter telling you to eat it. It will be cooked inside your stomach.

  • As you all discussing an important issue but no one has replyed yet from asus,it doesn't seems me even they have intentions to solve the query.Only they are making hype of their products but their customer servicing never has been upto the mark.At least they have to set certain time limit for resolving the problems and if they're unable to do so they should provide us replacement or refund.

  • For me it's not a reply at all. It's like saying.

    Here we gave you some big numbers, so stop complaining about screen not being a screen.

  • Does screen actually have the ability to change refresh rate?

    If yes, then why we are still seeing black crush on 60hz?

    Since everyone is saying only high refresh rate screens a facing this issue.

    I think it's not a software issue. It's more of a issue with the display panel itself.

  • MVMV Level 3

    I can see black crush on every frequency and all brightness levels. It is there if you have a keen eye, Is it just me? Pitch blacks are perfect on ROG3. Dark areas and mostly grey colors are the ones that is suffering the most. Will have to keep the rant going on in threads as ASUS is ineligible of providing more information on it.

  • Same I have black crush issue on all the refresh rate also.

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