Feature request- squeeze function for camera taking selfie

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Hey asus, I think the marketing team didn't do too well talking about the squeeze function of rog 3.

There is a long squeeze function for activating x mode, that's cool, but I also found out there is also short squeeze function in setting!

For me most useful to have short squeeze to turn on flashlight, cause when is dark and phone is off I cannot see anything, a tiny squeeze and voila there is light!

Also would be cool is to during camera mode, can we make short squeeze trigger taking photo? Imagine taking selfie, your hands are holding exactly on the squeeze position, and just a tiny squeeze to take photos, that would be cool and actually useful.

I notice i can press the volume buttons to snap, but it is still a little far off harder to reach.

Htc actually introduced squeeze function before, not sure what useful stuff they found, but this can be a good marketing gimmick!

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