Asus breaks the record of giving beta updates🤣

They are not going to give us the update, because they are failed in making update.

They are giving us lot's of bug on the name of update.

They are making the phones worst.

Making the phones dead.

Decreasing the battery life by giving such useless update or beta update because they really don't care.

Hopes are lost. Don't hope anything from #asus

And a request to asus that don't give the beta updates now , give us the stable update if u r able to provide it ,or ask your developers to resign.


  • Rog phone 2 got 11 beta update(no one can beat that), and also they could have rolled out the third or second beta as stable because 2 and 3 beta had less bugs than the first android 9 stable build, they could have of focused their resources on android 10 rather than splitting them up. And also I think they have moved a lot of developer's to work on their flagship and future devices.

  • asas Level 1

    Updated Beta version already launched. you can download from official website. Security Update is of July 2020

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