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Hi All,

I hope someone can help. I have put it to Support but they are unable to help.

I have just bought an Zenook Flip 14 UM462DA.

I have 3 Asus VS247NR monitors each with VGA and DVI-D ports.

I need to connect it all up! My current set up with an old Lenovo Ideapad-500 works fine to the 3 different ports on the laptop:

1) DVI to VGA, 2) DVI to HDMI, 3) DVI to displayport to USB

The new Zenbook has

USB 3.2 Gen 1


USB-C 3.2 Gen 1

USB 2.0

Support told me that:

"..[i].unfortunately this device does not support monitor output through the Type C port. This means you would have only the HDMI port to work with to connect the monitors to and unfortunately I do not believe an adapter will help for 3 monitors, as the port on the device itself would not have the needed bandwidth. I am really sorry about this but there is not a way to connect 3 monitors to this device[/i]."

Is there anyone who can advise me differently? i'd hate to have to return the Zenbook now but unless I can connect all 3 monitors, I'm a bit stuck

Many thanks



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    Hello Saturday,

    The Type C or all USB ports of this model do not support display export.

    You can try to find hubs or dongle that contains "external graphic cards" to help you if you still want to use this laptop.

    Or you may consider other higher-end or gaming model if you would like to have multi display.

    But those device would not be so light, thin and flexible.

    Thank you.

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