"I've been warned"

SPOOKY! I'VE BEEN WARNED. But seriously before this account gets banned from this forum, i just want to say that i honestly dont care because this forum is useless, none of my issues were fixed or my requests were fulfilled. All i got was reply from mods but thats all. Spending time on this forum was total waste of my time and internet. I want to thank all other users for helping me get through my issues and stick with me. Fan boys, i will say just one thing, OPEN YOUR EYES.

Anyways, this might be my last post on this forum. Glad i could at least know that i am not the only one being bullshitted by asus. Threats by mods just feel so normal now after i know that mods just dont do anything except posting messages and bans and threats. They dont actually update the phone, their work is to convey message to devs and i dont think devs care for what we want or what issues we face because none of user requested features or even bugs are ever fixed. Sound recorder delay still exist, difference is seeing asus not caring about that and ignoring it made us forget about that issue so we started to ignore issues too. Asus fanboys covering up for asus idk why, maybe asus paid them or free mobiles idk.

Anyways cya later if this acc is still unbanned. I will leave the "threat" in this post and my response on that.


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