Why No New Update On Android 10 For Asus Max M2 (zb632kl) ???

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Why Asus Is Not Giving The New Android 10 Beta Or Stable For Asus Max M2 After .31 Update Which Was Released Back In May,2020 . No New Update On Android 10 From Last 3 or 4 Months , why ?

We , All Users Are Waiting Desperately Please Provide A Stable Update Or Beta With Bug Fixes .


  • No android 10 update arrived Zb632kl Seriously whats going on!!!! . Asus must provide A10 stable security patches and speedy charging. Waiting for answer from respective team

  • We Want New Android 10 Update With Bug Fixes . Asus Max Pro M1 Has Got 4 Updates With Bug Fixes And Max Pro M2 Also Got 3rd Beta Update but why asus max m2 users are still waiting for android 10 new update

    Asus max m2 's 2nd beta has no bug fixes just a security patch update only . Why ????

    Come on raise our questions to your higher authorities !!!!

  • Hi there, we understand the emotions of our users, our team is working towards giving Asus users a better experience with their devices and will continue to do the same. We request you to understand the process and stay tuned to our Official channels in the meantime.

  • Just copy pasting from last 6 or 7 months

    What a customer support asus has ! Wow

  • This has been the typical response since the last update. Isn't there any new update even after 4-5 months?

  • We need android 10 update ASAP, how many days we have to wait to get it!! It is really frustrating. We don't need the same answers every time.

  • Even Android 11 is released now and we are still waiting for android 10 stable version . Asus max m2 users are not getting any new beta or stable version of android 10 . While the max pro m1 and pro m2 is getting at least beta with bug fixes . Provide us a new version of android 10 😠😠😠😠

  • Other manufacturers update their phones faster. Like Xiaomi , Realmi, Samsung.

    we would have 10 android, then it will already be possible to install 11 gsi rom

  • They are not going to give us the update, because they are failed in making update.

    They are giving us lot's of bug on the name of update.

    They are making the phones worst.

    Making the phones dead.

    Decreasing the battery life by giving such useless update or beta update because they really don't care.

    Break the record of giving beta updates in their devices 🤣

    Hopes are lost. Don't hope anything from #asus

    And a request to asus that don't give the beta updates now , give us the stable update if u r able to provide it ,or ask your developers to resign.

  • I've never seen any company like asus . If you do not have capabilities to provide android 10 for asus max m2 then why you are giving hopes to users that " our team has been working on it , stick with our social media handles untill the update is rolled out " . Why you provide a beta update of android 10 . If you do not want to give the stable android 10 update then why you rolled out beta for asus max m2 . And if providing beta then why not providing it regularly . Last update of android 10 beta for asus max m2 was rolled out on may, 2020 and now its been 4 or 5 months no new update on android 10. If u don't want to give android 10 then tell users about it that we do not going to give android 10 for max m2 , do not wait for it . Just giving hopes to users . You should take care of it asus unless users will boycott you soon . You are just focusing on flagship range smartphones but i think this entry level and mid range is the best market . Have you never seen Xiaomi , this company's main focus is on these range of smartphones. I hope you going to be have a look on it .

  • Hey, So it's kind of confirmed that ASUS will not be providing A10 on Max M2. They've done this previously with Zenfone live series. I am planning to switch on some other device after few months. It's really sad for me to Switch as back in Feb 2019, I was really happy with ASUS, but now seeing some Physical issues with the device and no software support best to never buy any ASUS device.

  • Its better to switch to other brands because asus is worst in software management . They are mainly only focusing on their flagships .

  • I need android 10 how much more time when asus Max m2 receive android 10 stable update

  • Such a bad behaviour from a big company. There have been multiple occassions where users have asked about the next update but no update has been provided again and again.

    All of your fans and custers are really disappointed with this behaviour.

  • devlopers are sleeping or what how careless the relevant teams are using Android 10 with bugs are big panic I think Asus is sleeping nicely RIP Development for max m2

  • Is there any single hope for waiting ?.... We can understand your limitations & technical issues especially in Corona virus pandamic...! But this is very bad "ASUS"..... Waiting for moths ..... 🔰

  • Android 10 stable is coming soon for asus max pro m1 as i heard news about this

    .434 or .435 will be that stable build .

    What about our asus max m2's stable Android 10

    Please anwer !!!!!!

  • Pixel rom is released for Zenfone Max M2 😊 now use it dont wait for asus update

  • How to use Pixel ROM

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