ASUS Touchscreen not working for Windows 10

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I downloaded windows 10 and now my asus laptop touchscreen I not working, I have tried various recommendations on how to fix the problem in the past, however they currently are not fixing the problem. If anyone has this problem and knows how to fix it please inform me, thanks. 


  • Hi,

    Which model do you have?

    Thank you.

  • You can try the following solutions to fix the touch screen problem in Windows 10.

    #1. Reinstall Graphics drivers (Update drivers manually)

    #2. Check the HID-compliant touchscreen drivers

    #3. Reset calibration for touchscreen

    #4. Disable USB Selective Suspend

    #5. Make sure that the operating system you installed is genuine and completely licensed.

    If you need further help, there are multiple solutions available on ASUS website.

    Hope it helps.

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