Weired problems with my Asus Zenfone 5 ZE620KL since 2 years of using

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  1. I have noticed that during calls my phone randomly loose connection and I can't hear the caller. Also instead of 4G, mobile network switches to Edge or completely disables.
  2. I tried to change SIM-card, but this didn't help.
  3. I tried to apply hard reset or use 3G network for some time, but the problem still exist.
  4. On last firmware V16.0615.2006.131 I noticed, that model number of my phone is not ASUS_X00QD, but UNKNOWN_PRJ_ID. Also even with enabled 4G I often see 3G network and sometimes Mobile Internet doesn't work completelly. I can confirm that it's not Mobile provider issues, because I tried to use my sim-card in another phone and everything worked perfectly.
  5. I also did hard reset again with wiping all data and caches, then I noticed new bug. When I try to call somebody my phone hangs completelly and I can't do anything, just black screen and sometimes appears message with text: Close application or wait?
  6. Then I did downgrade to 16.0615.1908.109 through AFT, but this didn't help me, I still see UNKNOWN_PRJ_ID and phone hangs during calls.
  7. Then I upgraded to 16.0615.2002.120, checked that all issues still exist. And after this I upgraded my phone to Android 10 BETA V17.0615.2005.25. I was really surprised, when I realized, that model of my phone is correct again ASUS_X00QD, mobile network works fine, I can make and receive calls and use 4G mobile Internet! But when I downgrade back to 16.0615.2002.120 I again receive old issues.

So for now I'm at V17.0615.2005.25, but it's pretty poor and would rather return back to PIE with Zen UI and all ASUS applications.

Why this issue happened with my phone and what is your suggestions ASUS support? I know, that I can find service and give them my phone for repairing, but this will take lot of time and don't want do this for now. I will do this as last resort.

I thouht that it was issue with hardware, but it works on Android 10, so it's not hardware issue. And I think there should be possiblity to fix it.


  • Hi maxim.trickster

    Thank you for your asking. I just checked my device in WW-16.0615.2006.131, and I didn't encounter the same issue of model name. Please downgrade again by following the steps below. Besides, have you ever rooted or unlocked your device before?

    1. Download "Version Android 10 downgrade to P" and then put the image file into the root directory of the MicroSD card.

    2. Insert MicroSD card into phone and then power off the device.

    3. Long press with "Power" key and "Volume Down" key together and stop after feel the vibration to enter Recovery Mode

    4. Use "Volume Down/Up" key and press "Power" key to choose "Apply update from external storage"

    5. Select the downgrade file

    6. When the updating process is done, Choose "Wipe data/factory reset" and tap"Yes" to perform the master clear.

    7. "Wipe cache partition" > "Yes"

    8. "Reboot system now" 

    #Android 10 to Android 9 Guide

  • Hi, as I already wrote I tried to downgrade Frome Android 10 to P with clearing all data. But the issue remains. I never rooted or unlocked my phone

  • Hi maxim.trickster

    Ok, just want to make sure that we performed the same steps to downgrade the firmware.

    If the issue persist in Android 9, I may need your logs for further checking. Please check your inbox and reply me the essential information to avoid any information leaking.

  • I have the exact same problem! Please HELP!!!!

  • @maxim.trickster have u found a solution to your problem?

  • Hi @dikor

    Unfortunately nope :(

    I sent video of the issue and log files to @Christine_ASUS and waiting answer from developers.

    For now only solution is to use Android 10 firmware.

  • Good morning @maxim.trickster

    Thank you for your reply!

    That is very unfortunate.

    Will once again install the Beta of Android 10, although sometimes audio doesn't work properly among other things......hopefully, they will release a stable version at some point.

    Have a nice day :-)

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    Hi dikor

    Thank you for your reply. Do you face the same situation as maxim.trickster mentioned above?

    1) model name issue with UNKNOWN_PRJ_ID

    2) unstable call and signal

    3) Which firmware do you encounter the situation? WW 16.0615.2006.131 or WW-16.0615.2002.120?

    Meanwhile, from 1st Oct to 11th Oct was our national holiday, I will check the information maxim.trickster sent to me this afternoon and  forward it to the relevant department. 

    Hi maxim.trickster

    May you provide me the name of your sim carrier?

  • Hi @Christine_ASUS

    It was since the last two updates!

    Not only unstable calls and signal, but major failure with the sound. For example, whenever I was placing a video call, microphone wasn't working. If I wanted to send a recorded voice msg, always the first msg couldn't hear anything when the other person was trying listen to it. Several times a day, I was trying to call someone and the microphone wasn't working, or even the app to call someone because there was no sound support. Or to even open the camera....not to mention that all the music apps form spotify to whatever else wasn't loading.

    Also whenever i was restarting my phone, it was taking more than 5 minutes the phone to restart, to get to the log in screen.

    it's not a hardware issue, since on android 10 beta, sound is working, camera is working, etc. I just don't like the battery drain and the complete stock experience. I miss the good sound coming from the speaker and headphones from asus, at least when it was working properly 6 months ago or the overal user interface when I had a stable release from asus.

    Friday went again on the android 10 Beta, at least sound works now....

    BTW, since when do we have to wait for an official android 10 stable release?

    Have a nice day,


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    Hi dikor

    Thank you for your reply. If you want to report other issues, please open a new thread for further discussion. (one issue one thread). Furthermore, may you provide me the answer below?

    1) Are you facing the issue of model name with UNKNOWN_PRJ_ID?

    2) Are you facing the issue of unstable call and signal?

    3) If you had faced any of the two issue above, which firmware do you encounter the situation? WW 16.0615.2006.131 or WW-16.0615.2002.120?

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