Asus Rog 3 stock case in box

Asus Rog 3 stock case that comes in the box is covering the air vent at the back of the phone. I noticed a 2 degree Celsius drop in thermals as soon as I took it off ! Why would you design the vent to be covered by the case provided inside the box ? The third party cases make more sense , cause they have the cutout for the vent at the back .


  • Hi Soham,

    The vents are blocked in the inbox provided case.

    Kindly share a screenshot of the same which you received in box.

  • Yep, same here. Cant even get their case right lol

  • hank_email_ishank_email_is Level 2
    edited September 2020

    My case is not blocking, think you got the wrong case

  • My case is blocking the vent too. How do you mess up THAT much. I was fine with the fact that there would be little to no heavy duty cases available for the phone but come on, the case in the box shouldn't hurt the performance. Didn't spend this much money on a phone to have something so simple be messed up.

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