New battery for zenwatch 3 won't work

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I put a new original Asus battery in my zenwatch 3 only when I put the watch back together again it simply won't work. It appears like there is no battery at all in the watch. I have edited this post as I managed to fix the issue. The battery that was in my watch seemed thicker than the new one I purchased so l wrapped it in paper until it was the same thickness as the old one and it just worked. It seems that it wasn't making contact with the charging pins which are on the other half of the watch. Very strange because I am assuming that the only reason the old battery was , bloated, was because of it's age and the amount of times it had been recharged as these small batteries seem to do. O well all good now thanks guys


  • Had to mention how much better my zenwatch 3 is now. It's lost only 5% battery in the last several hours and the wear app predicts that it has 3 days left. I'm sure it won't actually last the whole 3 days but at least it's not saying a few hours left as it had been saying. I know it's an old watch but I like it.

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