Gallery app info button should also show image size in KB.

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The app (current version) should, in addition to showing an image is 1234x2345 pixels, also show how many kilobytes it is.


  • Hi [email protected]

    Thank you for your asking. Kindly provide the information below so that we can better assist you.

    1. Model Name: Settings>System>About phone

    Refer to the link below to check the model name by model no. in the link

    2. Your current firmware version

    Settings>System>About Phone>Build Number

    3. Can you provide me the screenshot of your issue?

  • 其實我是另外一個問題:

    After resizing an image size the new file is always 0 kilobytes in any list, and lacks the file size inside its info tab. 最新 ZenFone 3. 最新 gallery app.

  • 在 gallery app, 編輯一個 image, 而予以 change image size. 所產生之新檔案雖然正常,但在清單都無大小。

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    也最新 file manager app.


  • Build Fingerprint : asus/WW_Phone/ASUS_Z012D:8.0.0/OPR1.170623.026/15.0410.1807.75-0:user/release-keys

  • Hi [email protected]

    Thank you for your reply. Here is ZenTalk English community, kindly refer to the link below as Mandarin community and post your issue there.

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    我於 Linux 用 "identify -verbose" 見到唯一不同是所謂 0 KB 者多了一項


      Profile-exif: 82 bytes


      exif:DateTime: 2020:09:29 08:39:25

      exif:ExifOffset: 70

    $ for i in Screenshot_20200929-083925*; do echo $i; exif $i; done


    ExifLoader: The data supplied does not seem to contain EXIF data.


    EXIF tags in 'Screenshot_20200929-083925_1.jpg' ('Motorola' byte order):


    Tag         |Value


    Date and Time    |2020:09:29 08:39:25

    Orientation     |Top-left

    X-Resolution    |72

    Y-Resolution    |72

    Resolution Unit   |Inch

    Exif Version    |Exif Version 2.1

    FlashPixVersion   |FlashPix Version 1.0

    Color Space     |Uncalibrated


    故可能因增了這類 Exif 導致 "0 KB".


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