Asus Battery Health Charging Not Work



  • Tanks again

    "The life of a Li-ion battery is approximately between 300-500 cycles"

    I think every time voltage connect and disconnect reduce one cycle, if true, every power on and off system reduce one cycle because my system start charging from start until windows come up.

  • This is wonderful, because when my system is off battery stop charging in 60%.

    For example I set "battery Health Charging" in Maximum lifespan then connect charger to laptop, when battery charge is for example 40%, I turn off my system and When turn on again after for example 8 hours, I see that battery not charging over 60%

    This shows that "Battery Health Charging" work if my system is off.

    Thanks a lot for your follow up

  • If there was an option in Bios Then I could charge battery to 60% and then disable battery and after two week enabled it and Charge and discharge it one cycle and charge to 60% again and then disable it for two week.

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    this application is controlling the battery charging. .I also checked when I set 60% charging stops automatically even if adapter is connected to laptop and powered on, also it starts charging when battery power reaches to 58%.

    Check the completed battery cycles of your laptop Battery. .

    in my laptop, current Battery charging capacity is decreased from 35000mah to 27350 after 690 cycles is completed.

  • also another Problem is in this topic:

    Can you take a look comment under that topic please.

  • i seen that post , for that i need attention to check properly atleast two weekws

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