Other companies vs Asus

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Apple: Updates every month or 2 bringing new features and major fixes.

OnePlus: Updates every month or 2 bringing new features and major fixes.

Not only these big companies

Samsung MidRange Smartphones: Proper updates with ui improvements and features. Major bug fixes on the spot and proper customer service.

Mi: Low end mi device compared to rog 2 leaves rog 2 behind in terms of optimization and bugs. Screen recorder using 3.5mm jack doesnt give any audio delays and major bugs are fixed on the spot with timed security patches. (Leaving behind all the bloatware) Chinese company like mi also provide same features in both of its lineup (chinese and global) and same experience for all users unlike asus, asus have seperate updates for both the versions and chinese version of asus seems to have more features than asus.

My experience with asus phone lineup: I used to encourage people to buy asus products because of my trust and experience with asus in past with computer parts. When i bought this phone (rog2) i was so happy and kept telling everyone to buy it but now i only see asus as a fraudster who just cares about money by showing off hardware and no service after buying their product. Worst of all late updates with no new features or requested features added in updates. Way too many bugs and unusable for few users. I was going to buy 12gb variant of this phone but now i am glad that it was out of stock at that time.

I know asus fanboys, specially ones whose name starts with "R" will tell me worst things about other companies but let me tell those fan boys this, i've had oneplus6 and before that gionee x2 and they both didnt disappoint me this much. No issues like i had with asus. Worst experience that i faced with a smartphone. My personal experience is so bad with this phone that i am not going for asus phone series ever again. Whoever is reading this thread, DO NOT BUY ASUS PHONE SERIES BECAUSE ITS NOT WORTH IT. Rog 2 was a sell out because they advertised it by showing its beast hardware but now that i have experienced this nightmare, i will say NO TO ASUS!


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