Rog phone 3 64 mp camera mode issues in Pro mode

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Rog phone 3 camera issues

Pictures look blurry when I take pictures in Pro mode 4:3aspect ratio (64mp).it's fine when I take pictures with normal 4:3 aspect ratio snap and it also fine with 16:9 aspect ratio.

Portrait mode of both front and back camera pictures edge detection is poor.even cheaper phones have better edge detection.

Asus claiming fastest phone but for take pictures it struggles and takes lots of time to process .


  • Every time it has same problem with 64 mp camera mode is one more sample of 64 mp and normal one

  • Hi,

    Under Pro mode there will be a variety of settings to tune into.

    I recommend if you take a photo in normal mode. Also, the shared image seems to have focus issue.

    Check if you firmware is upto date which is .58,

    Go to setting => About => Software information.

  • I tried several tunings and output of picture is happing only when I use 64mp mode..I have no issues with normal mode.

    *It works fine only when I use flash on ..

    The pictures I shared before ,blurry ones are taken on 64 mp mode and clear pictures are taken with normal mode.

    Even focus is fine while taking pictures but after click snap output comes blurry..

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