Why are we not getting security updates in a regular Interval



  • >There's no phone with 6GB of RAM considered as a gaming phone.

    iPhone 11 Pro. Apple doesn't advertise iPhones as "gaming" phones but almost all the mobile eSports players prefer using iPhones and iPads over Android devices. And coming back to the main topic, I bought the 12 GB variant and it still lags while doing multiple tasks at once. My now 2 year old OnePlus 6 which has 8 GBs of RAM has never lagged and I've never had to factory reset it after installing an update. Having beefy hardware doesn't mean it'll outperform better optimised devices. Being a fanboy is not a bad thing, but shitting on others just because you don't like to hear any criticism about your favourite brand is utter foolishness.

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    Ignore this guy dude, Its always ignorance and garbage.

    where other companies hire engineers and developers to make their product better, asus seem to hire fan boy to defend their shit

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